Sports Nutrition Summit 2019


The Sports Nutrition Summit will bring together leading scientists, market analysts and innovators in a unique, market-leading face-to-face event. Building on parent company William Reed’s success in running its Probiotia Americas series, the event will unite stakeholders from across the value chain in a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity.

The event’s agenda will include sessions on market size and projections​.  Who are the customers?  Where are the growth opportunities?  Formulation questions​.  What are the best supported ingredients?  What are the up-and-comers?  Where is the innovation?  The science of sports nutrition​.  These sessions will focus on the latest studies in the field.  What modes of action are best supported?  What are the trends in research?

Lessons from the world of sport​.  How are supplements used by athletes?  How does that affect how more down to earth consumers view them?  Marketing issues​.  How do companies best reach their consumer?  What kind of influencers should companies look for to help in this communication?

Event location

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