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Reformulating for weight management success: Panel discussion

Weight Management 2010 - NYU, CSPI and GMA

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2 pm - 3 pm (EDT, New-York)

This webinar is part of the WeightManagement2010 virtual conference and expo.

As the world takes a long, hard look at waistlines​ and decides to do something about them, the food and beverage industry is under pressure to slash the fat and sugar​ content in products, and provide accessible information about what's in a pack. This panel session brings together stakeholders from industry, academia and consumer groups to discuss the interlinking issues of reformulation, portion control, and nutrition labeling​.


Jess HALLIDAY, Senior Editor, Food Navigator USA


Dr. Lisa R. YOUNG, Adjunct Professor of Nutrition , New-York University

Dr. Margo WOOTAN, Director of Nutrition Policy, Center for Science in Public Interest

Melissa MUSIKER, Director of Science Policy, Nutrition and Health, Grocery Manufacturers Association

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