NutraIngredients-USA Supply Chain Transparency editorial webinar

NutraIngredients-USA Supply Chain Transparency editorial webinar

The future is personal, but the revolution is already taking place around us. Cutting edge science is combining with entrepreneurial endeavor to bring personalized nutrition to our fingertips.Personalized nutrition is breaking down the silos and bringing together experts in genetics and genomic profiling, microbiology, nutrition and diet, mobile technology, big data, healthcare and more.In this webinar we’ll talk to the pioneers and world leading experts in this sector, the scientists and the emerging brands bringing the personalized nutrition future to today.


Edward J. Fletcher Edward J. Fletcher Director of Quality and Sustainability
Herbal Ingenuity

Hank Schultz Hank Schultz Deputy Editor
NutraIngredients-USA.com and FoodNavigator-USA.com

Stefan Gafner Stefan Gafner Chief Science Officer
American Botanical Council

Steven Mister Steven Mister President and CEO
Council for Responsible Nutrition

Suzanne Shelton Suzanne Shelton Managing Partner - Strategic Communications
The Shelton Group PR