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Mind and Mood APAC

Mind and Mood APAC

Here at NutraIngredients-Asia, we have seen a notable spike in consumers seeking nutritional solutions for their cognitive and mental health as the region’s demographics shift towards an ageing population, as well as those that can help people relax, rest and sleep well – all of which should be no surprise given the global turmoil of the past two years. But with this rise in demand, comes the responsibility to deliver ingredients, products and education that are effective. That’s why our inaugural Mind and Mood APAC digital broadcast will take a deep dive into these categories to assess the emerging developments and most promising growth prospects. This edition will bring together leading experts to assess the existing scientific evidence, the scope for new product development, the opportunity for gold standard clinical research and the marketing and regulatory challenges across the region. If you are targeting the buoyant mind and mood categories, then this is a must-attend event.

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