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Botanicals 2017

Botanicals 2017

The world of botanical extracts has grown out of centuries-old traditions in Asia, Latin America and Africa to spawn a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Botanicals from ginseng to sea buckthorn to St John’s wort have entered the mainstream with some national polls showing upwards of 75% of citizens buy botanicals at least once a year for an array of ailments or just to stay healthy and optimised.

No longer just the preserve of specialist health food stores, herbal supplements have entered the popular shelves – both instore and online.

But the sector is complex and the fact that botanical supplements often exist in the space between food and drugs has led to a multiplicity of regulatory methods. Frequently, the same extract or product will be regulated as a drug in one market, a food in another or somewhere in between.

And their popularity has meant issues of authentication and adulteration have arisen priming the need for strict QC epitomised by the most serious firms and trade bodies.

In this free NutraIngredients-USA Online Conference, we go inside the sector to gain insight from experts, scientists, consultants, and marketers to help you navigate your way to success in herbals.

Saw Palmetto Extract: Dealing With Emerging Adulteration In the Global Market

13 Jul 2017
Local: GMT

Current Issues in the Botanicals Marketplace.

13 Jul 2017
Local: GMT

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