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By Danielle Masterson

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From cognition to intermittent fasting and metabolic support, June is all about brains and beauty.

Stellar Biotics launches cognitive metabiotic gummy 

Stellar Biotics just launched its first gummy supplement, Brain Immune Gut (B.I.G.). The cognitive metabiotic is powered by del-IMMUNE V, a formula derived from a strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus DV (NRRLB-68023) that regulates the immune system by replicating the immune response that occurs naturally in a healthy intestine.

B.I.G. also features ingredients such as Ashawagandha KSM-66, zinc, vitamin D3 and the digestive enzymes bromelain and papain. Together, these ingredients work to calm the mind, enhance brain vitality, support the immune system and balance the gut. 

Omega complex powered by plants

MegaFood recently unveiled Omega 3-6-9, a plant-powered complex with an array of key 3-6-9 fatty acids and 600 mg of Omega-3 for heart, brain, vision, and joint support.  Sourced with the environment in mind, Omega 3-6-9 is made of Ahiflower and fish-free algae oil to minimize the impact on marine ecosystems. It also features a delayed release capsule to help reduce burps and a lemon oil coating to minimize aftertaste.

TAHA debuts dairy protein products

Functional dairy-based protein and nutrition brand TAHA just  announced its entrance into the U.S. market with a new line of dairy proteins formulated to add mind and body support to daily routines.

TAHA's flagship products include Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Body & Mind Protein Blend and Colostrum. The Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate are available in chocolate, vanilla, berry, mocha and natural flavors. The Body & Mind Protein Blend comes in German chocolate, Madagascan vanilla, and natural. TAHA's high IgG, colostrum comes undiluted in its natural form. 

TAHA products feature ingredients such as Nutiani milk phospholipids for cognitive health, VERISOL collagen for skin, hair, and nails and high-purity dairy proteins for muscle health.

Intermittent fasting support 

Enzymedica just launched Fasting Today, a new formula crafted to meet the nutritional needs of intermittent fasters. The drink mix that features essential ingredients like electrolytes, fiber and amino acids.

The company said Fasting Today won’t break a fast. It is crafted with sustainably-sourced baobab fiber to reduce hunger, essential amino acids to support muscle strength and body composition and a balanced mix of key electrolytes to maintain optimal hydration and support critical bodily functions, including cardiovascular and brain health.

Brain food 

Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mission-driven brain brand just announced MOSH’s rebrand and new formulation—now featuring Cognizin Citicoline, a premium nootropic that supports attention and focus.

MOSH’s 10 protein bar flavors feature new packaging with a full branding revamp. The bars sport a brand-new logo which highlights purple, the recognized color for the Alzheimer’s movement


Supplement brand HABIT is relaunching with a whole new look and new SKUs. HABIT just introduced PMS Support and Metabolism to its line. 

The brand’s product offering includes a full range of 60-capsule bottles that support beauty, libido, energy, immunity, menstrual care, stress relief and general health. 

Stem cell boosters for biohackers and athletes

Stemregen recently expanded its portfolio with three new products that further support stem cell function in the body. These additional formulas focus on athletic recovery, microcirculatory system support and increase cellular communication.

STEMREGEN Sport is designed for athletes and those undergoing regular strenuous physical activity, as stem cells play an important role in physical recovery, resilience, and endurance. The NSF Certified for Sport formula features a blend of pterostilbene and notoginseng to support muscle recovery. 

STEMREGEN Mobilize is a drink powder that contains fibrinolytic enzymes to break down fibrin, ensuring a more optimal and smoother flow through the microvasculature. It also includes a proprietary blend of natural nitric oxide producers to dilate blood vessels, bioflavonoids to support the formation of collagen and connective tissue which in turn supports capillary wall strength and flexibility, and complex polysaccharides that support and maintain a healthy glycocalyx.

STEMREGEN Signal clears the way for stem cells to navigate through the body and find tissues in need of repair. The formula targets and modulates the formation of signaling molecules and excess cytokines that cloud stem cell navigation. By improving the "signal-to-noise ratio" in the bloodstream, stem cells can reach targeted areas in the body more directly. 

Doctor's Best unveils vegan omega-3 

Nutritional supplement company Docter’s Best just launched its new algae-derived, high-potency EPA and DHA Omega-3 supplement to help support eye, brain and heart health.

Doctor’s Best Vegan Omega-3 with Elantria is derived from algae and offers a sustainably harvested alternative to fish oil. The new formula features the branded ingredient Elantria, a pure algal oil with high levels of DHA.

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