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From need states such as sleep and hormone balancing to ingredients like GLA and astaxanthin, Spate’s trends report highlights a diverse market where interest extends to both traditional and innovative supplements.

Market research firm Spate recently released its 2024 Supplement Trends Report. Using tools like Google Trends, the report delves into top health concerns for consumers and searches for specific supplements to address those concerns. It also identified the shifting consumer preferences toward holistic and personalized health solutions.

“Consumers are increasingly seeking more targeted supplements that address specific health concerns such as sleep quality, hormonal balance and anxiety. This is coupled with an emerging interest in supplements that target visual concerns like hair growth, mature skin and crepey skin,” said Yarden Horwitz, co-founder at Spate. 

Top takeaways 

Magnesium is having a moment 

Magnesium supplements remain popular due to their wide array of health benefits. With a search volume of 3.3 million per month and a notable increase of 484.2K searches per month since last year, the report noted that magnesium supplements attest to consumers' trust in established health staples.

Horwitz, who describes magnesium as a "traditional supplement with a new buzz", said the mineral is a top supplement due to its broad health benefits, particularly for sleep and anxiety. 

“Consumers also show a growing interest in various forms of magnesium such as citrate, glycinate and sulfate for targeted health benefits,” she added.

The report also rated the magnesium trend as ‘very likely’ to last, noting:

“The success of magnesium as a popular supplement is likely to endure due to its broad range of health benefits and its reputation as a longstanding, trusted therapy. Its steady upward trajectory over the last couple of years and multiple applications bodes well for the future of the trend. Additionally, ongoing, increased consumer education about the benefits of different forms of magnesium, such as magnesium citrate and glycinate, contribute to its sustained popularity.”

Specialized supplements

The report highlighted a significant surge in interest for specialized supplements like berberine, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and astaxanthin. 

Berberine and GLA are both experienced a whopping 256% year-over-year growth, while astaxanthin saw 158% year-over-year growth. 

“Berberine, in particular, has seen a remarkable year-over-year growth,” Horwitz said. “These trends suggest a shift towards holistic and personalized wellness solutions, with consumers exploring supplements beyond traditional once-a-day vitamins and minerals.”

Hormonal health

With 7.3 million monthly searches per month and 193.8% year-over-year growth, hormone balancing is a top concern for consumers, indicating a growing recognition of the pivotal role of hormones in overall well-being and a focus on women’s health. 

“Supplements aimed at hormonal balance are gaining traction, with notable growth in searches for products addressing menopause and hormone balancing," Horowitz said. "This indicates an increasing consumer focus on managing hormonal health through dietary and supplementary interventions, underscoring a proactive approach to overall wellness. This indicates a heightened consumer focus on managing hormonal changes and related health issues among women. There are also significant growing searches for supplements and ingestibles that are good for pregnancy.”

Natural ingredients

Consumers are showing a growing preference for supplements derived from natural sources with antioxidant properties, such as astaxanthin and rutin, Horwitz said. She added that this trend highlights an inclination toward natural and plant-based compounds, aligning with a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Consumer preferences 

Supplements rich in antioxidants like astaxanthin indicate a growing interest in natural compounds. This trend highlights consumers' interests in supplements that align with a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness. 

While trusted classics will likely remain a staple for many, consumers are also taking a more tailored approach by exploring a variety of options beyond basic vitamins and minerals to meet specific health concerns. 

To learn more about these trends, you can download Spate’s 2024 Supplement Trends Report here.

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