Joey Savage on being part of ‘new wave of DSHEA’

By Danielle Masterson

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Last week inquisitive members of industry took to Salt Lake City for the landmark DSHEA Summit, Where DSHEA pioneers and key stakeholders discussed the past, present and future of the US dietary supplements industry.

Joey Savage, president and CEO of consulting firm Savage Nutra, said he made the trip from Texas because he has a vested interest in regulations and hopes to be more involved in advocating for the industry. 

“I have recently just gotten this really big motivation to become more involved and I think that there needs to be some modernization to DSHEA,” he said. “So I want to be boots on the ground in representing my age demographic and be part of that new wave of DSHEA that comes forward.”

In order to move forward, Savage is studying the past. 

“I definitely want to see the different panels that are going on and get personal introductions with Scott Bass and Loren Israelsen because they're the two guys that really put pen to paper in the room when it came to DSHEA,” said Savage. “I was looking up a lot of Orrin Hatch's old speeches that he gave on the Senate floor about this whole thing and it seemed pretty inspiring and I just want to talk to them about that.”

One way Savage hopes to push the industry forward is through the Future Nutra Foundation​,  a non-profit he unveiled exclusively to NutraIngredients-USA. 

“I created a nonprofit over the last two or three months, where…regular everyday consumers can donate to this nonprofit that does legislative initiatives, educational and public outreach.”

The nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving the health and public safety of Americans, offers a variety of programs, including educational outreach, off-shelf product testing for public safety, scientific research of nutraceutical ingredients and more.

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