All news articles for September 2023

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AI meal image analysis software under scrutiny

By Nikki Hancocks

Research from the University of Bern, Switzerland, backs the usability of 'goFOODLite' software to provide nutritional analysis of meals from a single image but suggests advancements for improved accuracy.


MenaQ7 Vitamin K may offer heart protection in menopausal women

By Olivia Brown

In soon-to-be published research by Gnosis by Lesaffre, new findings suggest that daily intakes of MenaQ7 vitamin K supplement may improve blood vessel elasticity and regulate blood pressure in menopausal women with arterial stiffness.

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

By Danielle Masterson

Although women have been underrepresented in nutrition, sport, and exercise science research, there’s a growing understanding of how sex differences and sex hormones influence the nutritional requirements to maximize health, performance, and recovery...

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