All news articles for February 16, 2017

Guar plant. Taiyo International photo

Special edition: Blood Sugar Management

Soluble fibers show promise as blood sugar management ingredients

By Hank Schultz

Soluble fibers can have significant effects on post prandial blood glucose spikes, but they have their effects in the gut rather than in the blood stream itself as polyphenolic ingredients might do.

The key ingredients for blood sugar management

Special Edition: Blood Sugar Management

The key ingredients for blood sugar management

By Stephen Daniells

With diabetes rates rising, many healthy people are starting to consider the effects of blood glucose levels and keeping them in the healthy range. In this gallery we look at the key ingredients in this growing sector. 

Image courtesy of Georgia Nut Company

Georgia Nut eyes gummy consumers with fortified chocolate gems

By Stephen Daniells

Illinois-based Georgia Nut is targeting the vitamin, mineral and supplement consumers with its chocolate gem technology to deliver a range of bioactives, from vitamins C and D, to melatonin, probiotics, turmeric, and more.

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