What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's 2017 Editorial Calendar?

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From immune support to deep dives into sports nutrition, personalized nutrition, botanicals, omega-3s, probiotics, pet supplements, and more, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2017 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

We kicked off the new year with our special edition on Immune Support, with articles on the key ingredients in the sector​, substantiation of structure-function claims through RCTs​, what young consumers think about the space​, a focus on echinacea​, and a quiz to test your own knowledge of immune support products​.

February 2017: Blood sugar management

Diabetes and the associated costs of controlling the disease cast a long shadow over the US market. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), type-2 diabetes affects over 220 million people globally and the consequences of high blood sugar kill 3.4 million every year. If such statistics weren’t scary enough, the WHO is predicting deaths to double between 2005 and 2030.

Many healthy consumers are seeking out natural options to help them control their blood sugar levels, and the nutraceutical industry is responding with ingredients to help keep those glucose levels under control, from resveratrol to fenugreek, and from extracts from maqui berry and green tea. But which ingredients have the best science? How are the benefits being communicated? And what does the market say about the opportunities in this sector? NutraIngredients-USA will find answers to these questions and more.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA’s Blood Sugar Management Forum ​ on February 23. For more information and to register, please click HERE​.

March 2017: Supplements for pets

Pets supplements © iStock damedeeso
© iStock/damedeeso

Sales of pet supplements in the US are expected to increase from $541 million in 2014 to exceed $697 million in 2019, according to Packaged Facts.

Issues driving the market growth include an increasing market share of premium supplements positioned as natural and organic; the rise of obesity/weight management among the nation’s pets; and maintaining the health of older pets, which are living for longer.

In this special edition, we’ll explore the key trends, the leading brands, the market opportunities, the quality standards and key ingredient suppliers, and more.

April 2017: Omega-3s

Omega-3 © iStock winlyrung
© iStock/winlyrung

The fatty acids have established themselves as a star player in the nutritional ingredients segment. This success has led to significant consolidation in the industry. The science is also growing almost exponentially with omega-3s being linked to an ever increasing number of health conditions.

But it hasn’t all be plain sailing for omega-3s, with reports of declining sales following negative media reports of select studies.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA dives deep into the omega-3 waters for answers.

Business and research experts will join us for the NutraIngredients-USA Omega-3 ​forum on April 18, 2017.

May 2017: Sports Nutrition           

sports nutrition cereal bar
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The US sports nutrition market is dynamic and diverse beast, valued at an eye-watering $10 billion for drinks, shots, bars, gels, and supplements. But who are the consumers, which products are driving category growth, and what’s next for sports and lifestyle nutrition? Pre-, during, or post-exercise? What about for recovery? Can anything stop protein? What’s happening with carbs?

In this special edition we hear from sport nutrition scientists, product formulators, leading brands, and market experts to help readers stay ahead of the chasing pack.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA Sports Nutrition Online Event ​on May 18, 2017.

June 2017: Botanicals

Botanicals © Elenathewise
© iStock/Elenathewise

The botanicals sector is broad, with established herbs like echinacea, valerian, ginkgo, ginseng, and saw palmetto sitting next to emerging herbs that may or may not have the same longevity in the marketplace.

The sector continues to post strong growth, despite scrutiny from Attorneys General and reports in the media. Sourcing, testing, sustainability, transparency and communicating the benefits are just some of the big issues facing the herbal & botanicals sector.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA scans a landscape of changing laws, formulations, foreign objects and ever-growing consumer interest in the power of plants to heal and promote wellness.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA Botanicals – Quality & supply chain integrity Online Event ​on July 13, 2017.

July 2017: Cognition, focus and mood

brain cognitive training elderly ageing iStock.com SIphotography
© iStock/SIphotography

Cognition spans the lifetime, from development in the womb right through to old age. So how are companies approaching this sector? How does the approach differ between demographics? Which formulations are working? Which ingredients have the best science? How do you build a brand, substantiate the claims, and communicate these effectively with consumers?

For this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA has a long hard think about cognitive health…

September 2017: Personalized Nutrition

DNA Big Data istock
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The future is personal, but the revolution is already taking place around us. Cutting edge science is combining with entrepreneurial endeavor to bring personalized nutrition to our fingertips.

Personalized nutrition is breaking down the silos and bringing together experts in genetics and genomic profiling, microbiology, nutrition and diet, mobile technology, big data, healthcare and more.

In this special edition we’ll talk to the pioneers and world leading experts in this sector, the scientists and the emerging brands, and the tech developers bringing the personalized nutrition future to the present day.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA Personalized Nutrition ​forum.

October 2017: Delivery formats for the generations

Women generations © arekmalang (800x614)
© iStock/arekmalang

What’s the best way to deliver nutrients for kids? How can seniors be helped to get their daily doses without taking too many pills or choking on larger capsules?

From gummies to foams and gels, shots and bars, stick packs and melt away strips, there are many ways of considering the delivery of nutritional ingredients. But which format works best? What are the technical challenges? Who’s buying them? What’s on the horizon in this cutting edge sector? What are the regulatory concerns? And are we entering the grey area between nutrition and pharmaceuticals?

In this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA journeys to the micro-core of a huge area that can only become more important to the global supplements and functional foods industries.

November 2016: Pre- & Probiotics

Probiotics ©  Jezperklauzen
© iStock/Jezperklauzen

The gut microbiota continues to fascinate scientists in many realms - not surprising when it is considered humans are 10% human and 90% bacteria.

Pre- & probiotics play a key role in maintaining a healthy microbiota and influencing numerous health end points. From general gut health, to immune support, skin health, weight management, cholesterol control, infant health, cognitive function and mood, the research continues to build.

In this special edition NutraIngredients-USA looks at some of that science and how it translates into a commercial world where claim restrictions are tight but opportunities vast.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA Digestive Health Online Event ​on November 15, 2017.



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