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If the pricetag looks too good to be true, it probably is ...

GOED/Neptune: Krill monograph will help firms detect genuine article

By Elaine Watson

Another leading supplier has weighed into the debate over unscrupulous firms peddling ‘krill oil’ that contains “next to no phospholipids” but says the development of a monograph and better testing protocols might go some way to tackling the problem.

Saturated fat reduction is big business. But what is it being replaced with?

Is saturated fat really the dietary bogeyman?

By Elaine Watson

The debate about just how bad saturated fats really are for our health - and whether what we are replacing them with is potentially worse - raged on at the IFT expo earlier this month.

Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

Metagenomic data evolves vitamin E science

By Shane Starling from Interlaken, Switzerland

Information about the human genome is providing new insights into the way vitamin E – a nutrient that has very much ridden the scientific roller coaster in recent years in the face of questioning meta reviews – functions in the body.

Pure krill oil has a minimum of 40% phospholipids

Fake krill undermines whole market, warns Aker Biomarine

By Elaine Watson

Unscrupulous firms peddling ‘krill oil’ that contains “next to no phospholipids” risk denting confidence in the efficacy of krill and the broader omega-3 market, a leading supplier has warned.

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