New York Times debates vitamin D merits

By Shane Starling

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An article in the New York Times notes that while vitamin D deficiencies in many population segments remain common, the scientific jury is yet to confirm its benefits.

“Although numerous studies have been promising, there are scant data from randomized clinical trials. Little is known about what the ideal level of vitamin D really is, whether raising it can improve health, and what potential side effects are caused by high doses,”​ the article states.

It adds that while there is some evidence to suggest vitamin D can benefit bones, immunity, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and cancer, little of it is clinical.

Vitamin D supplement sales are estimated at about $250m in the US but the Times ​said the abundance of observational research was yet to clarify just how vitamin D benefitted health.

The article, ‘The Miracle of Vitamin D: Sound Science, or Hype?​’, notes a study is being commissioned by US researchers with 20,000 elderly men and women to study vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

Based on Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations, official daily intake levels from all food sources in the US and Canada sits at 200IU for under 50-year-olds; 400IU for 50-70-year-olds; and 600IU for those over 70.

In the wake of US Department of Agriculture data that shows about 70 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient and upwards of 90 percent in Canada, the IOM is reviewing these levels, including safe upper levels some are expecting may rise to 10,000IU per day as opposed to the current level of 2000IU.

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Vitamin D - the science is solid

Posted by Rufus Greenbaum,

There is solid science going back to 1966 documenting the need for more sunlight or Vitamin D3

Read the "Documentation" at for a "Symposium in Print" from many experts.

This shows a "Call To Action" from 16 eminent scientists, lead by Professor Cedric Garland at University of California, San Diego.

It also has a chart showing how much you need to boost your Vitamin D to reduce your chance of suffering from Breast Cancer by 80% - yes 80%

Plus many other diseases like Multiple Sclerosis & Diabetes

The science is solid - now we need the authorities to take ACTION !


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Self Testing

Posted by G Russell,

I don't believe one person testimonies when I read them, they aren't scientific, and outside influences and impacts other than vitamin D3 are not controlled for. That said.... I started taking 1000IU of D3 in addition to my long time mutliple and long time C supplementation and I really do feel a difference in mood, and sleep. If it's something else or a placebo, then bless me, I still like it.

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Vitamin D#

Posted by Momof2,

I definitely think an increase in Vitamin D is necessary because our diets have changed so much over time. I like the convenience of getting the right amount from a reputable multi-vitamin which is safe and what a lot of experts are recommending.

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