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DuPont nutrition & health chief: We want to work with start-ups

DuPont’s nutrition & health president, Matthias Heinzel, tells NutraIngredients his multi-billion euro division wants to speed product-to-market time and is “totally open” to working with start-ups in open collaboration.

Emerging markets, phyto-active leadership, and a return to M&A in 2016: Naturex CEO outlines five-year plan

Naturex has announced its first ever five year plan, with ambitious growth targets and a refocusing of the company's key ingredient categories, the company’s CEO told NutraIngredients-USA.

Taste beyond flavour: How colour, texture and environment influence taste perception

The way we taste foods is actually far more complex than their flavour alone. Neuroscientist Professor Charles Spence discusses how the shape, smell and colour of a food, its packaging, and even the setting in which it is eaten, affect the way it tastes.

Consumer education on probiotics critical: GoodBelly founder

In a country like the US where 60 to 70 million people have digestive issues, and roughly 20% of the population suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (though only a third seek medical attention, according to the National Institutes of Health), the founders of NextFoods saw a hole in the marketplace to address gut health.

Epax chief: ‘We are the last of the big omega-3 independents’

Epax CEO Ola Snove thinks the €2bn BASF and DSM buying frenzy that saw many major suppliers consolidated in their hands is ultimately a good thing for the €20bn+ sector – but its independence remains valued at Epax.

Naturex CEO talks HQ expansion, green credentials and the memory of Jacques Dikansky

Naturex hosted 500 of its employees and guests the weekend just passed as it inaugurated a €12m expansion of its Avignon HQ in southern France. We caught up with CEO Thierry Lambert who said further expansion at its other global sites was very much on the agenda for the €300m business with 15 production units in Europe, the US, Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India.

Food shoppers are women, marketers are men: Houston, we have a problem…

It is well known that most food shoppers are women, but does the food industry get that in its marketing? Not really, says female marketing expert, author and CEO of The Female Factor, Bridget Brennan.

BASF nutrition president on high-end omega-3, Equateq and the phood “white space”

BASF is moving en masse into omega-3 - especially if its bid for Norwegian player Pronova is approved - but it is technology gained from its May acquisition of a high-dose omega-3 start-up on a remote Scottish island, that is exciting the German giant.

Omega-3 suppliers must know their consumers

Omega-3 suppliers must get to grips with their manufacturing customers and with consumers if they are to market their products successfully, according to Virpi Varjonen, executive consultant at commercialisation agents Invenire.

Ocean Spray backed research reveals cranberry polyphenols in human urine

New research identifying type-A proanthocyanidins (PACs) from cranberry juice in human urine could help to take future clinical trials to the next level, say researchers.

Accelerated time technology may unlock our long-term nutritional needs

Technology that can speed up biological time may reveal the existence of hundreds of ‘vitamins’, and provide scientific evidence for how long-term nutrient intake affects the risk of chronic disease, says the executive chairman of a Silicon Valley company at the cutting edge of nutrition.

EU must drive “Limited IP” vitamin D research: Bischoff-Ferrari

Vitamin D will fail to deliver on its promise to reduce healthcare spending by billions of euros until further human intervention studies are commissioned, says leading researcher, professor Heike Bischoff-Ferrari.

The opportunities and obstacles for gut health science

It’s been a bad year for good bacteria: A raft of negative health claims opinions from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has left many in the industry predicting trouble ahead for probiotics and prebiotics in Europe. But Professor Tine Rask Licht, the winner of this year’s Danisco Award, believes that gut health still has a bright, but challenging future.

Negative antioxidant health claims not short-term barrier

The science of antioxidants will eventually convince regulatory bodies around the world of their benefits, and there are existing options to communicate the benefits of the compounds, according to industry experts.

Spend on science not marketing for a positive health claim: EFSA scientist

Companies should put more money into studies to substantiate the science of probiotics, perhaps at the cost of marketing, a member of EFSA’s evaluating panel has said.

Bruce Ames: Vitamin insufficiency boosting age-related diseases

It is literally all about living for today. By understanding that nature favours survival today over tomorrow, a theory that vitamin inadequacy is behind the rise in chronic diseases “makes sense… and it is almost certainly going to be right,” says world-renowned scientist Bruce Ames.

Inside Yakult's probiotic science culture

In HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds it is not the almighty weapons of humanity that defeated the invading Martians. It is a lack of immunity to the earth’s tiny pathogenic bacteria.

Food technologists ‘under attack’, says former IFT chief

Food technology is a profession under attack – and both industry and government need to invest to ensure its future, says former IFT president Dr John Floros.   

Sharing broccoli’s goodness with other plants

Everyone knows that broccoli is good for you, and advances in transgenic plant engineering by Danish researchers may soon see that goodness replicated in other plants.

Nurturing the next generation of food scientists

The number of food science graduates is falling across the globe, but measures are in place to halt the decline. Has disaster been averted? Is the industry’s future assured?

The omega-3 pioneer

It all started with a trip to Greenland in 1970. Three Danes, a couple of dogsleds, and several years of study later and the omega-3 was born. Since then, awareness and understanding of marine omega-3 has sky-rocketed.

Full speed ahead for Frutarom

As growing companies go, Frutarom has its foot firmly on the accelerator. Jess Halliday talks to president and CEO Ori Yehudai about the secrets of completing fifteen successful acquisitions in twelve years and the challenges facing food ingredient suppliers today.

Inside Nestle's R&D brain centre

In the first of a new series of exclusive interviews, Professor Peter van Bladeren, Nestlé's director of science and research, tells Stephen Daniells how collaboration is key to innovation at the Nestlé Research Center.