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2016: The year of the hammer and the squeeze

2016 felt like the year of hammer blows and the squeeze play, with the finale the unpredicted win of Donald Trump as President. I count myself among those who close...

2016: Challenges met, lessons learned, hills yet to climb

2016 was a year of serious challenges for the dietary supplement industry.  Trade associations have addressed these concerns in a variety of ways.  As the industry heads into 2017, the...

NPA chief recounts actions on vinpocetine, Puerto Rico regs and other challenges

NPA chief Dan Fabricant recounts his association's efforts on behalf of industry in 2016.


‘Enhanced probiotics’ pave the way in tackling malnutrition

‘Smart’ gut bacteria that can improve the fermentation process? Super-efficient microorganisms that can turn empty calories into complete nutritional food?


Bone & Joint Health, Anti-Aging, Sports Nutrition, Pre- & Probiotics: Lessons from 2016’s special edition

What are the health concerns of consumers today, and how can dietary supplements help? This year, our special editions included in-depth coverage on bone and joint health, anti-aging, sports nutrition,...

News in brief

NPA adds 18 members

The Natural Products Association has announced that it has added 18 new members to the organization recently.

NAXA chief on trust: It’s the highest asset to which the industry can aspire

At this time of year, many of us take advantage of the changing calendar and assess where we are as an industry. Typically, this exercise is a broad-based reflection evaluating...

Trump, vinpocetine, hemp: AHPA looks at 2016 events that will affect 2017

Several events in 2016 will impact the industry in 2017 and future years. The 2016 election results tops that list. Like most other industries in the U.S., the herbal products...

Ashwagandha root and leaf extract quells knee pain in study

A study done on Natreon’s Sensoril ashwagandha extract’s effects on knee pain opens up a new category for the botanical:  joint health.

Omega-3s & Algae: Lessons from 2016’s special editions

We learned that natural channel retailers are getting bored with plain old fish oil, and that there is still a lot of untapped potential in sourcing everything from omega-3s to...

'20 to 30 elite sportspeople/teams' involved in ketone research

Oxford researchers behind a novel performance-enhancing ketone drink get around an email a day from sports teams hoping to buy the product – and another 20-30 unnamed professional teams have...

GNC to overhaul in-store experience in bid to halt sales slide

Supplement retailing giant GNC will hit the reset button on its customer experience by closing all of its corporate-owned stores for one day next week to install new checkout terminals...

Electron microscope used to highlight cranberry activity

The release of microscopic images gives graphic evidence of how research on the characterization of cranberry has borne fruit in helping to elucidate a mechanism of action in inhibiting the...

Kratom in sports: Is this a growing issue?

A new paper in Drug Testing & Analysis calls for increased vigilance from anti-doping testing labs after four samples from athletes in strength sports tested positive in 2015.

Review supports metabolic benefits of EGCG from green tea

Supplements containing epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) from green tea may increase energy expenditure and impact metabolic rates, and help with weight management, says a new meta-analysis.

Multi-strain probiotic could aid gut health – even if you’re healthy

A daily dose of multispecies probiotic could help improve intestinal health even in healthy people, according to new observational data.

IPA recommends expanded grandfathered list for probiotics

The International Probiotics Association has urged the FDA to expanded the ‘grandfathered list’ of dietary ingredients to include bacterial strains globally recognized as used historically in foods.

News in brief

Swisse Wellness boss Sali to step down as Biostime takes full ownership

Swisse Wellness chief executive Radek Sali will step down on December 31 as Hong Kong-listed Biostime International takes full ownership of the Australian firm.

Sen McCaskill calls on FDA to quickly finalize NDI guidance

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is frustrated with bureaucratic delays to the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) draft guidance, and is calling on the FDA to quickly finalize the document.

UNPA brands FDA's finished product focus in NDI guidance as unworkable and unlawful

Requiring NDI notifications on almost every new product will create a situation in which few companies will be able to comply with the new draft guidance, the United Natural Products...

Bioavailability-boosted CBD hits market

A new form of CBD products that claim greater bioavailability and protection from stomach acid breakdown via a nano droplet technology have hit the market in the US. 

Solix says quality certifications help differentiate its algal ingredients

Colorado-based Solix Algredients is relying on certifications to make its quality case as the company builds out its extraction business. 

FDA approves qualified health claim for high-amylose resistant starch and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

News that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a qualified health claim about high amylose maize resistant starch as a weapon in the fight against type 2...

Quality and science still strong for omega-3: GOED’s 2016 review

Overall 2016 has not been a bad year for the omega-3 industry, but it also has not been a strong year and therefore it still feels like we are having...

NDI draft guidance needs extensive revision, AHPA asserts

The current NDI draft guidance is unlikely to improve compliance or the quality of submissions and should be rewritten. That’s the opinion expressed by the American Herbal Products Association in...

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