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Niche ought to be carved out of GMP compliance picture for ultra small herb companies, experts say

A place ought to be found within the regulation of the dietary supplement sector for artisanal herbal companies that might struggle with some of FDA’s more labyrinthine strictures on identity...

Trends food businesses should take note of for 2016

Consumer trends-analyst Phil Lempert offers a remedy to brand agnosticism, the trend he says “food businesses should be most worried about.”

Dark chocolate may boost time trial performance for cyclists

Flavanol-rich dark chocolate may boost endurance and exercise performance in moderately-trained male cyclists, says a new study.

In a sports-crazed culture, doping scandals cast a long shadow over supplement industry

Doping scandals in the sports realm have had a hangover effect for dietary supplements, one longtime industry observer asserts.  In his view it has created a climate in which decision...

Study praises fortified dairy products’ effect on osteoporosis

New research has recommended the use of dairy products as a first-line strategy in the prevention of osteoporosis-related fractures, highlighting its benefits as a rich source of calcium and vitamin...

Peek inside probiota 2016: Amsterdam, February 2-4

Restoring the damaged baby microbiome: ‘This is the biggest development in infant nutrition in years’

The biochemist instrumental in making DHA omega-3 near-mandatory in infant formula 15 years ago says discoveries about the ‘baby microbiome’ are set to revolutionise our view of infant and embryonic feeding.

Already healthy people take supplements while those most in need of them don't, researchers conclude

A paper that will be presented at an upcoming social science meeting suggests that dietary quality determines dietary supplement usage, not the other way around, and that the people who...

News in brief

Nutrition 21 launches new chromium/amylopectin complex for sports nutrition

A chromium/amylopectin complex may amplify the muscle building effects of whey protein, says a new study using Nutrition 21’s recently launched Velositol ingredient.

How’s your memory and cognitive function? Take the Big Quiz of 2015!

There has not been a dull moment this year for the dietary supplements industry, but how well do you remember the key events?

An Update on the Quality of Australian and New Zealand Products

Omega-3 fish oil products and responding to a flawed research study

How does the industry respond when a scientific study comes out that is critical of quality and label claim for an omega-3 fish oil supplement, and, in the opinion of...

It’s here! FDA creates Office of Dietary Supplement Programs

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced the creation of the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP), elevating the program from its previous status as a division under the...

Opportunities in China driving strong outlook for supplements in 2016, analyst says

Market analyst Steve Hanson expects continued growth and investment in the dietary supplement and health food spaces in 2016, with opportunities in China leading the way.

News in brief

NPA applauds passage of PATH Act with R&D credit and retail improvements

The recent passage of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 has been welcomed by the Natural Products Association (NPA) as a victory for the industry and consumers.

Supplemented chocolate: A new confections category set for growth, says Energems

Energems has been accepted as a member at the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and says the new confectionery category of chocolate energy supplements it has created is poised for...

Human study observes mango microcirculation boost

Vital Solutions GmbH has published the results of human trials that demonstrate the efficacy of its mango powder product Careless in supporting the microcirculation process.

Exclusive interview

DuPont nutrition & health chief: We want to work with start-ups

DuPont’s nutrition & health president, Matthias Heinzel, tells NutraIngredients his multi-billion euro division wants to speed product-to-market time and is “totally open” to working with start-ups in open collaboration....

GOED updates monograph to keep up with rapidly changing omega-3 industry

In an effort to keep up with a changing industry, GOED has published an updated version of the GOED Voluntary Monograph, which sets specifications for omega-3 oils.

News in brief

ChromaDex partners on new ID method for glandulars

Verifying that glandular ingredients are what they say they are has just gotten easier with a announcement of a new identification method.

Guest article

Grassroots victories, transparency, GMPs, and more: NPA’s Fabricant looks back on 2015

Heading into 2015 I was optimistic about our industry’s ability to win political victories and expand the effectiveness of its grassroots operations. My thinking turned out to be spot on,...

Americans with allergies have low microbiota diversity: NIH Study

The gut microbiota of American adults with allergies is markedly different from people without allergies, particularly for nut and seasonal pollen allergies, says a new study from scientists at the...

OTA hopes to “turn the corner” on organic supply shortages in 2016

The Organic Trade Association in 2016 will push forward several initiatives to help industry “turn the corner” on the supply shortages currently holding it back from meeting surging demand for...


The many faces of herbal adulteration

The global natural products industry is beholden to vast quality control challenges, which are in turn amplified when it comes to herbal ingredients, given the quality management minefield this segment...

News in brief

Part of the 2015 re-invention: Innophos Nutrition announces formation of scientific advisory board

Innophos Nutrition has announced that it has formed a scientific advisory board to support the company’s drive for innovation by providing insights, expertise and strategic guidance for product and market...

Special Edition: Battling Malnutrition

All in: Making malnutrition a global priority

Nutritional programmes and interventions are a starting point - but genuine multi-stakeholder involvement is what's required to tackle the world's problem of malnutrition and under nutrition.

NIU's Transparency Forum to look at post-NYAG landscape

The actions of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have put an unprecedented pressure on the dietary supplement business, especially those companies dealing in herbal products. 

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