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Are health claims making your business sick?

2010 has been another tough year for the European functional food and supplements industries as health claim rejections have continued to flood in, leaving some in a state of high...

News in brief

NPA welcomes GMP small business guidance

The Natural Products Association says the long-awaited Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contains, “no surprises or omissions” and will provide useful information to...

Guest article

10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

2010 saw a flurry of enforcement activity by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) based on claims made for dietary supplement and functional food products. There is no indication that 2011...

Industry welcomes Food Safety Bill

Industry groups have welcomed the passage of the Food Safety Bill, highlighting lobbying efforts and Congressional support that kept potential burdens out of the amended legislation.

Dietary supplements firm Hain gets FDA 483 warning

Long Island-based dietary supplement firm, Hain North America has received a warning letter outlining infringements of Good Management Practice (GMP) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Modified probiotics may help to fight fat: Study

Probiotic bacteria strains tailored to express produce conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may be able to modify fat tissues, and could play a role in the prevention and treatment of obesity,...

FTC claims special

The courting of POM Wonderful and the FTC – a love story

Global pomegranate juice leader POM Wonderful has spent a large part of 2010 locking horns with the Federal Trade Commission over health claims for its juices and dietary supplements.

Researchers find way of protecting anthocyanins in isotonic drinks

A combination of maltodextrin and arabic gum reduces degradation and protects the pigments of anthocyanins added to isotonic soft drinks, finds new research.

Canadian Institut Rosell agrees probiotic deal with Probi

French Canadian company Institut Rosell has agreed a seven-year partnership with Swedish probiotic research and the development firm Probi covering dietary supplements based on its bacterial Lp299v strain.

Study suggests dairy fatty acid cuts type 2 diabetes risk

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health claim to have identified a fatty acid in diary products that may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.

DSM buys Martek’s “algae platform” for $1bn+

Royal DSM will drive Martek’s predominantly US-based, omega-3 DHA infant nutrition business to new shores, and fast-track its food and beverage ambitions, after having its billion-dollar bid accepted by the...

Sales are niche, but “omega-3 craze” is not over, says industry

High-profile omega-3 product withdrawals or underperforming products do not signal a crisis in the category, rather an acknowledgement of its nascent status, industry figures have said.

Exclusive interview

The opportunities and obstacles for gut health science

It’s been a bad year for good bacteria: A raft of negative health claims opinions from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has left many in the industry predicting trouble...

News in brief

Albion gets patent for hypoallergenic metal chelates

The US Patent Office has granted a patent to Albion for its hypoallergenic metal amino acid chelates, ingredients that can be used by the growing population of people with food...

Mars: Cocoa flavanols show prebiotic potential

Flavanol compounds derived from cocoa may boost the populations of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, says a new study from Mars and the University of Reading.

CRN partnership to promote nurse practioners’ supplement advice

Highlighting the role played by nurse practitioners within the dietary supplement industry and educating consumers about the services they offer are the twin aims of a new partnership forged by...

Blueberries may reverse age-related mental decline: Rat study

Supplementing the diet with blueberries for one month may slow and even reverse the decline in mental function associated with age, suggest results of a new study with lab rats.

China grants process patent for Sabinsa’s water-soluble forskolin

Sabinsa’s has been granted a patent in China for the preparation of water-soluble forskolin and other diterpenes, as the company continues to enlarge its intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

NPA raises concerns about ConsumerLab analytical methods

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has entered the debate about the analytical methods employed by product tester, ConsumerLab, by calling on the product tester to make its standards and methods...

Garlic may help protect against osteoarthritis: Study

A diet high in allium vegetables, such as garlic, onions and leeks, may help lower the risk osteoarthritis, according to new research from King's College London.

Folic acid fortification: How much do we need?

Daily doses of folic acid as low as 0.2 milligrams are sufficient to lower homocysteine levels – an amino acid linked to increased risks of heart disease and dementia, says...

News in brief

DSM bumps vitamin D3 price 10 per cent

DSM Nutritional Products has increased the price of vitamin D3 by at least 10 per cent in all its global markets.

FDA takes hard line on erectile dysfunction supplement

In the same week the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an industry-backed crackdown on spiked weight loss, body building and sexual enhancement products, the agency issued an alert...

Orange juice flavanone may benefit heart health: Study

Hesperidin, a flavanone found in orange juice, may significantly reduce blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease risk factors, according to a new study.

News in brief

Omega Protein Corp snaps up Cyvex Nutrition

California’s Cyvex Nutrition has been acquired by Omega Protein Corporation, a leading producer of omega-3 fish oil and specialty fishmeal.

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