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Christmas spice and all things nice

Christmas-time is closely associated with feasting on special foods and (dare we say it?) gross overindulgence that ends only after bells have rung in the New Year. But many of...

Advitech takes Dermylex to Taiwan

Advitech, the maker of psoriasis nutraceutical Dermylex, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement with Enbio-Life Biotech and Medical Company for distribution in Taiwan - the latest development in...

Magnesium pills could boost bone content in young girls

Daily magnesium supplements led to significantly increased bone mineral content in adolescent girls, and could lead to long-term protection from osteoporosis, suggests new research from Yale University School of Medicine.

More evidence for tea's anticancer potential

Teas, both green and black, have potent anti-cancer effects against a wide range of tumours, says a new study led by the US Department of Agriculture that adds to an...

NSF will enhance testing for contamination

NSF International is gearing up to provide a microbial test system to detect any contamination in dietary supplements for clients.

Sabinsa's BioPerine patent confirmed

The US Patent and Trademark Office has completed a formal review of Sabinsa Corporation'spatent for black pepper extract, BioPerine, and has found the intellectual property to be valid.

Dark chocolate beats fatigue, study

Further evidence of the health benefits of chocolate has come to light in a new study - giving manufacturers yet another route into the functional food niche.

Ocean Spray expands cranberry production to meet increased demand

Cranberry giant Ocean Spray is expanding its dried cranberry production to meet expanding global demand for the healthy ingredient, which is said to have grown 30 percent over the past year.

Increased vitamin D may protect against multiple sclerosis

Higher levels of vitamin D in the body may reduce the risk of developing the neurological disease multiple sclerosis by as much as 62 per cent, Harvard researchers report.

Tea polyphenols - antioxidants or prebiotics?

Polyphenols in tea may preferentially suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, but not the growth of 'friendly' bacteria, says a new study from Singapore.

Guest article

Dual marketing of nutraceutical products in the United States and Canada

As American nutraceutical manufacturers are increasingly seeking opportunities for selling their products outside the United States, Canada might seem to be an appealing and relatively easy market for expansion. However,...

Canadian suit adds $20mn CDN to vitamin price-fixing class action

A sum of $20mn CDN is set to be disbursed to universities and other organizations involved in vitamins and food education in Canada, as part of a class action lawsuit...

Acquisitions: 2006 round-up

The year 2006 has seen notable expansions in the nutraceutical industry as companies made acquisitions based on their need for increased geographic scope or manufacturing capacity.

Black cohosh same as placebo for hot flushes, says study

Hot flushes associated with the menopause are not helped by black cohosh supplements, say results from the largest and longest trial for the herb to date.

Questions raised about Echinacea's effect on gut health

US researchers have reported that the herb Echinacea, commonly used against colds, could stimulate the growth of certain gut bacteria, some potentially pathogenic.

Weekly Comment

Response and Responsibility

Bah, Humbug! It has been that kind of year in general for the food industry, and in particular for some major companies.

Vitamin K2 higher bioavailability than K1, say scientists

Vitamin K2 derived from the fermented soy product natto has a higher bioavailability than vitamin K1, results that may have implications for functional food formulators.

Low-fat diets cut breast cancer recurrence, says study

Cutting fat intake to 20 per cent of the daily total calories could reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence by about 25 per cent, researchers from the US have reported.

Whence your Christmas dinner?

For some, the holiday season is a time to be introspective and appreciative of the relationships in their life. While this generally refers to friends and family, it could also...

Vegetarianism link to higher IQ

Children with a higher IQ in childhood are more likely to be vegetarian in adult life, researchers report in the British Medical Journal.

Resveratrol could counter metabolic diseases, animal study

Resveratrol, the phenolic derivative found in red wine and certain plants, may play a role in protecting against diabetes and obesity, suggest the results of an animal study.

Regulatory triumphs and disappointments for 2006

Dietary supplement trade associations appear to agree on what the regulatory successes and failures have been for the industry in 2006.

Australian project to turn food waste into healthy ingredients

A new project was launched this week by Australian food researchers to tap bioactive compounds from agricultural and food industry waste for use in health-enhancing foods and nutraceuticals.

Danisco trial tips probiotics into pain relief arena

Oral administration of Lactobacillous acidophilus NCFM has been seen to have an analgesic effect in the gut similar to that of morphine - a finding that opens up a new...

Supplements should position to counter health crisis, says NBJ

If the United States nutraceutical industry is to continue experiencing accelerated growth, formulators will have to be strategic and lure the remaining 65 percent of the population who do not...

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