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Soy formula may inhibit intestinal development in babies

The soy isoflavone genistein may inhibit intestinal cell growth in babies, say US researchers, who have carried out tests on newborn piglets.

Essential oils combat MRSA bacteria

Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria causing increasing numbers of deaths in hospitals round the world.

Interest grows in chromium as a preventative supplement

Nutrition 21 said recently that the NIH would continue to fund research into the benefits of chromium picolinate for sufferes of diabetes. The company's CEO told what this means...

American living makes you fat

Being in America makes you fat, according to a study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

What's happening in 2005?

As Americans get ready to tuck into their Christmas lunch, the food and supplement manufacturers have an eye on the trends for 2005, and health and nutrition seem to be...

Anthocyanins may help fight diabetes

Fruit compounds called anthocyanins could help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, suggest preliminary tests on animals.

Fish oil supplements slow ageing of brain

People who eat oily fish or take fish oil supplements score 13 per cent higher in IQ tests and are less likely to show early signs of Alzheimer's disease, according...

Bush signs bill urging more chromium picolinate research

Nutrition 21 announced last week that a bill signed into law by President George Bush recognizes the health benefits of chromium picolinate towards diabetes and urges further research into its capabilities.

Health and nutrition to lead food innovation in 2005

The emphasis on health and nutrition in the face of the rising tide of obesity has caused foods produced for children to come to a standstill this year, according to...

FDA delays decision on another health claim

The FDA has said it will not issue its decision on the pending lycopene/cancer health claim until next year, according to petitioner American Longevity.

KGK and Herbicure sign North America/India deal

Canadian nutraceutical firm KGK Synergize has signed up to work with the Indian firm Herbicure and made new agreements with suppliers in China.

Suppliers identify solutions for new probiotic foods

Probiotic chocolate bars and cereals could emerge on the market next year as strong demand for the gut health ingredient pushes food makers to invest in the complex processes required...

Rentura receives a capital boost

The venture capital firm Bluestem announced last week that it has made a "sizeable" investment in Renutra, the manufacturer of the supplement Hydra Joint.

FDA issues ginseng warning

The FDA last week demanded the seizure of imported ginseng in New Jersey and issued a national warning.

Exercise boosts benefits of plant sterol products

Consuming products with plant sterols as well as exercising may offer additional benefits for those at risk of coronary heart disease, say Canadian researchers.

Iron supplements may help ADHD children

Iron supplements may be useful for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), say researchers that have found a small group of these children to be deficient in the mineral.

Thiamine may protect heart health in diabetics

High doses of vitamin B1, or thiamine, could lower cholesterol in diabetes patients and help prevent heart disease, say UK researchers.

Nutraceuticals lead Zila's Q1 sales

Zila announced its results for the first quarter of fiscal 2005 this week, showing that its nutraceuticals division continues to lead the company forward.

Ayurceutics says products safe from heavy metals

Ayurceutics has responded to yesterday's article in JAMA claiming there was a high risk of finding heavy metals in Ayurvedic herbals, by highlighting its manufacturing process that it believes removes...

Low carb bakery products become widespread

Low carbohydrate bakery products have become common place in the US, but the recent growth surge in this area is set to slow down, according to a new report from...

Unilever gains exclusive rights to Phytopharm's hoodia extract

SlimFast owner Unilever has gained the exclusive global rights to an appetite-suppressing compound extracted from the hoodia gordonii plant by UK-based Phytopharm, reports Dominique Patton.

Gamma-tocopherol halts cancer cells in lab study

Gamma-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E found in many plant seeds but not widely available in nutritional supplements, might halt the growth of prostate and lung cancer cells, say US...

NBTY's results stay healthy in Q4

Supplement giant NBTY yesterday published its Q4 results, showing a 33 percent rise in profit on the back of an increase in wholesale supplement sales.

Ayurvedic herbals heavy in metals or not?

An analysis of Ayurvedic herbals found that 20 percent contained metals at potentially toxic levels, according to a study in JAMA, but the American Herbal Products Association believes the products...

Bionutrics launches cholesterol clinical trials

Biopharmaceutical company Bionutrics has said it will carry out clinical trials for its newly formulated dietary supplements designed to address lipid metabolism and help maintain a normal level of cholesterol.

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