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NPA tells DEA that Kratom poses threat to public health

Adding kratom to the US food supply could lead to serious unintended consequences as the US struggles with opioid addiction, says the Natural Products Association in comments submitted to the...

Study supports Quatrefolic’s homocysteine reduction potential for hypertensives

Italian researchers looked at how a “biologically active form of folate” can reduce high-levels of homocysteine, which may lead to cardiovascular risk, among hypertensive populations.

5 innovative supplement delivery systems to watch

As November comes to an end, consumers are starting to look for holiday gift and stocking-stuffer ideas. Gadgets are a popular choice, and these days, even the nutrition space is...

Probiotic-prebiotic-antioxidant combination shows benefits for triathletes: Study

Dietary supplements containing a mixture of four probiotic strains, prebiotic fibers and antioxidants may protect triathletes from the detrimental gut effects of strenuous exercise, says a new study from the...

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Deadline for 2017 AHPA Award nominations Dec. 2

There is still time to nominate individuals and organizations for the American Herbal Products Association's (AHPA) 2017 AHPA Awards, but the deadline is fast approaching.

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Rhema Group to close Utah facility, consolidates Vancouver operations

Nutraceutical formulator and manufacturer the Rhema Group has announced it will close its Ogden, Utah facility at the end of the year, affecting the facility’s 35 employees.

News in brief joins UNPA as executive member

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has announced that online ingredients supplier is its newest executive member.

New prebiotic combination enhances calcium, magnesium and iron absorption

A novel combination of prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharides could significantly improve absorption of certain minerals, according to new research in rats.

Grapes in space: NASA-funded study develops polyphenol-protein rich recipe

A study published in the March 2016 edition of Food & Function by NC State Plants for Human Health Institute researchers found that cranberries, muscadine grapes, and blackcurrant can make...

Study supports safety & effects of human milk oligosaccharides in healthy adults

Supplements containing specific human milk oligosaccharides from breast milk may selectively modify the gut microbiome in healthy adults, says a new study that also supports the safety and tolerability of...

6 steps companies can take to “do good” and expand their appeal to modern consumers

Modern Americans expect much more from food companies today than they did in the past -- now not only do they want food that is better for them, but they...

Quality and Prop 65 compliance key to Spirulina growth: DIC Corp

Spirulina may be nutrient packed, but it’s a focus on quality and a clean supply that will continue to support the steady growth being experienced by this ‘king of superfoods’,...

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Prop 65 warnings for aloe vera, non-decolorized whole leaf extract & goldenseal root powder effective Dec 4, 2016

A “clear and reasonable warning” must be used from December 4, 2016 on products being sold in California containing “Aloe vera, non-decolorized whole leaf extract” and “goldenseal root powder” compliant...

Drug development, continued R&D to carry ChromaDex through soft earnings patch, exec says

Fluctuating sales have pushed ChromaDex Corp. back into the red after a brief flurry operating at a break-even point.  CEO Frank Jaksch said the company is on track despite the...

Despite generally good reputation, Peruvian anchovy fishery still not MSC certified

The vast majority of the world’s supply of omega-3 fatty acids comes from the Peruvian anchovy fishery.  As the fishery recovers from depressed stocks caused by an El Niño event,...

Kemin and OmniActive battle over blue light IP for lutein

Lutein suppliers Kemin and OmniActive are locked in a legal battle over IP around blue light claims, with the International Trade Commission investigating the dispute, and an inter partes review...

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Persavita gets US patent for Saffron 2020 for eye health

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to Montreal-based Persavita Inc. for its flagship natural eye health product, Saffron 2020.

Early life nutrition builds brain resilience to extreme stress

Brain and memory impairment caused by stress during early development could be lessened by micronutrient supplements, according to a Dutch study. 

Probiotics boost athletes’ immune system defenses: Study

Taking daily probiotics may help boost immune systems of training athletes and reduce their risk of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), a study has found.

Curcumin supplementation shows benefits for people with severe depression: Study

Supplementation with curcumin has been found to be effective in reducing depressive and anxiolytic symptoms in people with major depressive disorders.

Plant protein startup rides simplification message

Plant protein startup Oriya is riding a message of a short ingredient list toward greater national distribution.

DIC Corp pumps $13m into spirulina-derived natural blue color extraction facility in CA

DIC Corporation is investing $13m into expanding production capacity in California for Linablue, a natural blue color derived from the edible algae Spirulina, which is grown by its US subsidiary...

Tomato extract shows blood thinning potential versus aspirin: Study

A proprietary tomato extract – backed in EU health claim law to benefit blood circulation – has been shown to thin blood in healthy people – but less severely than... urges FDA to reinstate GRAS self affirmation exemption in NDI guidance

Dietary supplement retailer  has asked the FDA to reaffirm the exemption that self-affirmed GRAS ingredients have from the NDI notification provision. The company has also suggested changes to the NDI master...

A Pez for supplements? Sho Nutrition wants to help consumers keep track of the supplements they’re taking

Founder Joy Wang confessed that she often forgets to take the supplements she had bought. “They pile up in my medicine cabinet, then I forget them,’ she said, and she’s...

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