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News in brief

NPA to roll-out online TruLabel registry portal to industry in early 2016

The Natural Products Association is making its TruLabel registration database available to the industry for voluntary registration and the general public with a new online portal database set to be...

News in brief

Deadline for AHPA Awards nominations fast approaching

The American Herbal Products Association is still accepting nominations for its 2016 AHPA Awards, with the deadline for submissions set for Friday, Dec. 4.

Analysis reveals big costs savings for DHA supplements during pregnancy

Supplementing pregnant mothers with DHA omega-3 could lead to significant costs savings for patients and healthcare systems, according to a new analysis from Australia.

Could kimchi reduce the risk of eczema?

Increased intakes of fermented foods like kimchi and beer are associated with significantly reduced risks of atopic dermatitis (eczema), says a new study from Korea.

Iodised salt is not enough to fight deficiency in pregnant women: Researchers

Mandatory iodisation of table salt in Turkey has helped iodine deficiency in school children, but pregnant women still require a boost from supplements, according to researchers.

Sustained release powdered CarnoSyn opens doors to new markets, applications for beta-alanine

Natural Alternatives International’s new sustained release CarnoSyn powder significantly expands the appeal of the muscle-building and endurance-boosting beta-alanine ingredient beyond just hardcore fitness enthusiasts to women, the elderly and consumers...

'no evidence of benefit in this population'

Study quashes claim probiotic reduces NEC, sepsis & death in preterm infants

There is no evidence that the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium breve can reduce the risk of necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), late-onset sepsis and death in preterm infants, a study of 1315 infants has found....

Go on, test yourself!

NOVEMBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know which retailer suspended sales of products by USPLabs? Which Senator went after supplements containing picamilon? Or which team is partnering with Klean Athlete?

IPA welcomes development of technique to distinguish between bifidobacteria subspecies

A recent study highlighting potential quality issues in select probiotic products raises a concern, says the International Probiotics Association, which also welcomed further development of the appropriate quality control techniques.

Olive oil may protect against damages of air pollution: EPA study

Dietary supplementation with olive oil may protect blood vessels from the deleterious effects of air pollution, suggests a new study from the US Environment Protection Agency.

News in brief

Vitamin Angels to expand prenatal multivitamin program

Vitamin Angels is dedicating more resources to its prenatal multivitamin program following an important publication by the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration supporting the efficacy of prenatal vitamins.

Add seaweed to food to improve heart health, Danish researchers urge industry

Food manufacturers should add seaweed to help combat cardiovascular disease and related conditions, according to researchers.

“There is significant opportunity for relaxation beverages," Traditional Medicinals manager says

Traditional Medicinals sees untapped potential for growth in the emerging calming beverage category, which consumers are turning to for help counterbalancing the effects of popular energy drinks and everyday stress.

‘Bananas!’ Academic compares supplements to Big Tobacco, calls for more state & local legislation

More stringent state or local-level laws could enhance regulation of dietary supplements, says a new academic paper that also compares the industry to Big Tobacco.

‘An interesting interpretation’: Does a concentrate of an ODI need an NDI?

A concentrate of an old dietary ingredient may need to file a new dietary ingredient notification, according to a new warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration about...


Academic excitement about inflammation falls on consumer deaf ears: Consultant

There is only one approved health claim for inflammation in Europe and it is not being used because it means nothing to consumers, according to a health food consultant.

Put expectations of suppliers' GMP compliance culture into writing as part of contract, experts advise

Beefing up supply chain management has been a mantra in dietary supplement industry meetings over recent months.  For that to be most effective, it needs to include a consideration of...

FDA denies GMO labeling petition: What matters is the characteristics of the food itself, not the process by which it was made

The FDA has rejected a citizen’s petition calling for mandatory labeling of foods from genetically engineered crops, arguing that labels are not warranted unless there is a material difference in...

Cocoa flavanols may boost skin from within: 24-week RCT

High-flavanol cocoa supplementation may have positive impacts on facial wrinkles and skin elasticity in photo-aged Korean women, says a new study from scientists from Seoul National University.

Forum delves into state of inflammation claims enforcement and research backing for those claims

How can you best show an anti inflammatory effect for a dietary supplement, and, having proved that, what can you say about that effect? Participants in a recent NutraIngredients-USA forum,...

News in brief

IPA – ANVISA workshop to explore probiotic regulations & industry in Brazil

Delegates from the International Probiotics Association and the Brazilian regulatory authorities ANVISA will discuss the science and regulatory landscape for probiotics at an upcoming workshop.

Supplements may improve teenage behaviour in school: Oxford researchers

Giving nutrition supplements to teenagers may improve behaviour in schools, research from the University of Oxford has suggested.

Niagen nicotinamide riboside may reduce obesity-related inflammation

Nicotinamide riboside, a vitamin B3 derivative, may reduce inflammation linked to obesity, and reduce the risk of diseases linked to this type of inflammation, according to pre-clinical data from scientists...

Quality control of probiotics is lacking, study suggests

A new study by scientists at the University of California has found that contents of many bifidobacterial probiotic products differ from the ingredients listed.

GNC severs longstanding relationship with USPLabs

GNC Holdings has suspended sales of USPLabs products in the wake of that company’s high profile criminal indictment. This marks a break in a relationship that has persisted through government...

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