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You are what you eat (and retweet): Using social media to connect with consumers

Why is your business using social media? To sell more products? Raise your profile? Change your image? Find out what key ‘influencers’ really think about your brands? Identify and target...

Special edition: New indications, new sources for omega-3s

Omega-3s are one of the best researched areas of nutraceutical science, and as a class of ingredients, one of the biggest sellers, too.  So it’s no surprise that the category...

RCT data backs supplement for joint pain benefits

A commercial dietary supplement marketed for joint pain has been backed to alleviate joint pain severity and reduce dificulties in performing day to day tasks, according to a new study.

Probiotics may offer hay fever benefit: RCT data

Daily consumption ofa drink containing Lactobacillus casei may alter the way our immune cells react to pollen in people suffering from hay fever, according to new research backed by Yakult and the...

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

Pressurized water extraction technology promises greater yields

A new pressurized water exraction technology promises to get around some of the issues surrouning the production of botanical ingredients.

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

NDI trespassers continue to plague market, attorney says

Follow on ingredients that rely on the safety halo provided by New Dietary Ingredient notifications filed by competitors continues to be a serious problem in the marketplace, according to a...

Leucine: Where whey protein gets its magic

Scientific support for the role of protein in building and maintaining lean muscle, maintaining weight and aging healthy continues to grow, but not all proteins are created equal, according to...

Multivitamin and mineral supplements may help block HIV progression: Human data

Long-term supplementation with multivitamins plus selenium may help delay the progression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in people with early stages of the disease who are not yet eligible to...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Protein has a big ‘ordinary’ future, says Glanbia

Irish dairy ingredients specialist Glanbia Nutritionals once filled its sights almost exclusively with the sports nutrition sector, but the explosion of interest in protein means the ‘ordinary’ mainstream food industry...

FAO backs dairy to raise nutrition among poorest people

Dairy products have an important role to play in improving nutritional levels among the world’s poorest people, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says in a new book.

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

Chromadex CEO: 'If we need to spend millions of dollars to develop an ingredient pipeline, we will do that'

Buoyed by recent investment from DSM, the CEO of Chromadex says the company is not scared to spend big to develop ingredients that stand up to increased scientific scrutiny and...

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

Hiring an attorney early is cheaper than hiring one late, expert says

As dietary supplement firms prepare for their initial (or follow up) GMP compliance inspections, it pays to have the advice of a consultant and/or a lawyer up front. Fixing problems...

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

UNPA chief agrees with FDA that GMP compliance far from uniform

Adverse event reporting, amphetamine-like substances showing up in products and NDI notifications are all prominent blips on FDA’s radar, said Loren Israelsen, president of the United Natural Products Alliance.

Energy drinks under the microscope at 'myth-busting’ IFT webinar: How much caffeine are we really consuming, and is it safe?

While the FDA has raised concerns about the recent proliferation of caffeine-containing products on the market, particularly those marketed at young people, new data suggests energy drinks and shots contribute...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Another BRIC in the weight management wall as sector hits $150bn globally in 2013

Nestlé may have canned Jenny Craig, and regulators clamped down on the sector's claim-making, but weight management products are booming globally, especially in increasingly image driven emerging economies like India and...

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

Crops for natural products are tight, and there's an escalation of price across almost every domain, says BI Chief

Despite tightening supply chains and increasing prices for many natural products, there exist opportunities to increase efficiency and ultimately cut costs for manufacturers, says George Pontiakos, CEO of BI Nutraceuticals.

News in brief

More woe for OxyElite Pro as Euro ban widens

Italy, Portugal and Ireland have joined a growing list of nations to ban pre-workout supplement, OxyElite Pro.

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

MicroPharma ready to launch microbiome supplements direct to healthcare practitioners

Innovative Canadian company MicroPharma is leveraging half a billion dollars-worth of microbiome research to launch microbiome supplements any day now, the company’s CEO told NutraIngredients-USA.

Dispatches from Supply Side West 2013

Having the right quality control talent on staff is key, AHP chief says

Knowing what identity tests to perform and knowing how to perform is more important than ever for botanical product manufacturers, said Roy Upton, executive director of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

Dispatches from Supply Side West 2013

Supplements are cost effective, survey finds

Dietary supplement use isn’t just about health;  certain supplement regimens can be shown to deliver significant cost savings, said Steve Mister, president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Intestinal bacteria may influence food transit through the gut

Food transit time though the gut may be controlled by a complex system of hormones released by our microbiota, according to new research.

Low fat, high fish oil diet may benefit men with prostate cancer: Study

A low-fat diet in combination with supplementation with omega-3 rich fish oil may be associated with lower levels of pro-inflammatory substances and reduced cell progression scores in men with prostate...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Researchers back zinc citrate bioavailability

A just published study has found zinc citrate is equal to zinc gluconate and higher than zinc oxide in terms of bodily intake, research that could help battle regional deficiencies...

Judge gives provisional thumbs up to $5.3m settlement over ‘healthy’ claims on Muscle Milk

A judge has provisionally approved a $5.3m settlement between CytoSport and California plaintiff Claire Delacruz in a false advertising class action lawsuit over the marketing of Muscle Milk bars and...

Dispatches from SupplySide West 2013

UNPA's new organizational structure aims to cultivate new Congressional leadership

The United Natural Products Alliance is expanding in a focused state-by-state approach as a way to most effectively cultivate the next generation of legislative advocates who can take over in...

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