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Kemin & B&D set relationship in stone

Kemin Health has announced a United States distribution agreement with B&D Nutritional Ingredients for its patented FloraGLO lutein and Slendesta Potato protein extract.

Pharmachem's Phase 2 holds new FDA health claim

Pharmachem has announced that the Food and Drug Administration has been notified of structure function claims for weight control and starch reduction for the company's Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer ingredient.

Low vitamin D status may raise cancer risk, say scientists

Boosting vitamin D levels amongst people with dark skin, a population at greater risk of lower levels, could be an easy way to reduce a number of cancers, say researchers...

Cosmeceuticals conference recommends networking

The first Canadian conference specifically focussing on cosmeceuticals has wrapped-up in Vancouver - an event that highlighted the strengthening network between personal care, beauty and nutritional products in the North...

Fortified milk may cut illnesses in preschoolers

Milk, fortified with four minerals and three vitamins, cut the occurrence of respiratory infections and days with severe illness, and could be a well accepted means of improving health, especially...

Sabinsa confronts DNP over patents

Sabinsa Corporation has said it is taking legal action against DNP International for allegedly infringing patents protecting the use of its BioPerine and Forslean extracts.

Low selenium, B6 + B12 linked to daily difficulties

Researchers from Cornell University have linked low serum concentrations of selenium and vitamins B6 and B12 to age-related difficulties in conducting in daily activities, leading them to conclude that nutritional...

More support for coffee's protective role against diabetes

Drinking a whopping seven or more cups of coffee a day could cut the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by over 40 per cent, say Finnish researchers from the country's...

KGK receives funding for ingredients trials

KGK Synergize has received a financial boost to help speed its pipeline of ingredients to market, with the completion of an equity private placement.

Vitamin D deficiency common in IBD kids

Children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency and could benefit from supplements to avoid the health problems associated with not...

Weekly comment

Folic acid: Sisters aren't doing it for themselves

When the idea of fortifying staple foods with vital nutrients is raised, the battlecry goes up from industry groups and advocates of consumer choice: "Why should we bear the costs?"...

Bioriginal targets skin health with BioAsteri

Canadian essential fatty acid supplier Bioriginal is riding the nutricosmetics wave and has announced the launch of a range of nutricosmetics containing its proprietary BioAsteri lignans for healthy skin.

Vitamin K supplements could improve anti-blood clot control

Daily supplements of vitamin K could help to control anticoagulation in over half the people taking the blood thinning medication warfarin, scientists from the UK have reported.

Berry extracts stop cancer cell growth in the lab

Antioxidant-rich extracts from a wide range of berries, including blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, could inhibit cell growth and spread for a wide range of cancers, researchers from UCLA have reported.

Canadian synchrotron could unravel bioavailability issues

Canada is home to a powerful synchrotron imaging machine, and the announcement yesterday of additional funding for this tool could spell further benefits for formulators looking to analyze the bioavailability...

BPV offers investment in Keratec owner

BioPacificVentures has made an offer to acquire an eight per cent share in Wool Equities, owner of New Zealand biotech Keratec - and sources say it may seek a full...

Immunocal being tested for autism potential

Scientists in Texas are looking into whether or not the whey protein isolate ingredient Immunocal could lessen the symptoms of autism by raising glutathione levels in the brain.

Green tea improves blood lipid levels, say scientists

Regular consumption of the antioxidant rich green tea could reduce blood lipid levels and cut the risk of developing heart disease, suggests a small trial from Portugal.

Take folic acid to protect against heart disease, say scientists

Despite some controversy in reports of the benefits of folate consumption on cardiovascular disease risk, the evidence is now enough to recommend the vitamin for heart health, British scientists have...

Neptune closes private placement

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has announced the closing of a $4.5mn private placement of common shares, which is designed to help accelerate its business strategy and boost R&D efforts. ...

Wild wheat gene could boost nutrient content of modern varieties

US scientists have identified a gene from wild wheat that could increase protein and micronutrient content of its cultivated cousin by 10 to 15 per cent, and could soon be...

UK solution to junk food ads more effective, says US lobby group

Regulation introduced by the British government to protect children from junk food advertising is far more effective than the voluntary US approach, an American consumer lobby group has said.

Advitech builds testimonial approach to marketing

Advitech, the maker of psoriasis nutraceutical Dermylex, signed on a former Canadian Olympian to promote the product in order to build a testimonial base and draw the over one third...

Higher vitamin E levels linked to lower mortality

A diet rich in vitamin E may protect middle-aged male smokers from dying from diseases such as certain cancers and coronary heart disease, says a new study.

The turkey toll

The turkey's gone, except for the bits still wrapped up in the fridge ready for sandwiches. So does that mean you're off scot-free from the caloric carnage of Thanksgiving Day?...

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