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General Mills blasts ‘unprecedented’ FDA added sugars proposal: ‘We respectfully ask FDA to pause’

Food manufacturers remain sharply divided over FDA proposals to crack down on added sugar, with General Mills and other big names such as Kellogg and Unilever strongly opposed; and Nestlé,...

GNC stock price plunges 28% after disappointing Q3 earnings report

GNC’s stock value took a significant hit following the release of disappointing third quarter earnings. The company finds itself between the rock of investigations by state attorneys general and the...

ProcessPro says GMP compliance concerns boosting demand for its software

With the increasing emphasis on GMP compliance, companies like ProcessPro, a Minnesota-based provider of software solutions for manufacturers, has seen an increasing demand for its services.

Vitamin E improves bone density for women but not men: Study

Greater dietary intakes and blood levels of vitamin E are associated with greater bone mineral density (BMD) in women but not men, Chinese research in over 3000 adults has found.

Plandaí inks deal for distribution of Phyotofare extracts in India

Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc., a company that produces a line of extracts branded as Phytofare, has concluded a deal for the distribution of its ingredients in India.

OCTOBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know how many Americans take supplements? Which Senator went after supplements containing vinpocetine and picamilon? Or which company received a probiotic award from Frost & Sullivan?

Antioxidant derived from bamboo close to market entry

Long development work in China on an antioxidant chemical found in bamboo leaves has finally yielded an ingredient with intriguing potential for dietary supplement applications.

Opportunity exists to boost astaxanthin awareness, new player Solix Algredients says

Despite all of the hubbub surrounding astaxanthin, there’s room for more, said new category entrant Solix Algredients.

Permeate market will 'explode into life' once Codex standard set: Arla Foods Ingredients

The market for dairy permeate powder will “explode into life” once a Codex Alimenatarius standard is adopted, says Arla Foods Ingredients. 

SupplySide West

CIFI’s sweet potato juice, dry ingredients can help clean up product labels, reduce food waste

The time is here for sweet potatoes, according to industry newcomer Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, Inc., which says ingredients from the vegetable can help manufacturers clean up labels, cut calories...

Prebiotics could be used to battle neuropsychiatric disorders: Oxford study

Prebiotics may play a modulatory role in neuro-immuno processes and could reverse anxiety induced by inflammation, research in mice has suggested for the first time.

Cranberry carbohydrates show urinary tract benefits: Study

Oligosaccharides from cranberries may inhibit the formation of E. coli biofilms and help support healthy urinary tract health, suggests a new study.

BASF: Transparency and quality are great opportunities

The shifting landscape of dietary supplements and increasing scrutiny by the media, regulators and consumers is driving the need for greater transparency and quality, says BASF’s human nutrition business director....

FDA's action in picamilon case sets bad precedent, CRN's Mister says

The declaration from FDA on picamilon that formed part of the lawsuit filed by the Oregon Attorney General sets a troubling precedent, said Steve Mister of  the Council for Responsible...

Tualang honey reduces risk of heart disease in smokers: Study

Malaysian researchers have found that Tualang honey supplementation reduced the oxidative stress status of smokers, suggesting its potential in reducing the risk of smoking-related cardio-vascular disease.

Health-committed consumer shops more, wants help: Dunnhumby

An improving economy and growing concerns over obesity and related health issues are creating a new category of shoppers, according to U.K.-based customer science firm Dunnhumby. 

Emerging health concerns could cast shadow on protein, but for now ingredient shines

The health halo around protein continues to shine brightly, but a shadow could be cast on the ingredient as some consumers start asking if it is possible to have too...

Synbiotic supplement targets women who are at particular risk for low fiber intake, dietitian says

Registered dietitian Felicia Stoler, a consultant on the newly launched Regular Girl synbiotic dietary supplement, doesn’t mince words when it comes to why she believes the product is needed.

GNC files motion to remove OR AG’s lawsuit to Federal Court

Supplement retailing giant GNC Holdings, Inc. has filed a motion to remove to Federal Court the lawsuit filed against it by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

Whey plus HMB boosts recovery more than whey alone: Study

Adding the amino acid derivative beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) and the disaccharide sweetener isomaltulose to whey protein powder improves recovery from demanding exercise, researchers have found.

Fruit d'Or launches organic cranberry powders featuring nutrient-preserving drying technique

Canadian cranberry supplier Fruit d’Or has further differentiated its product offerings with the launch of a range of organic cranberry juice powders, the company announced recently.

Perrigo to sell US supplements business to help stave off hostile takeover bid

Perrigo plans to sell its US VMS business as part of an effort to stave off a hostile takeover bid, the company announced late last week.

From the FENS Congress in Berlin

Euro congress tackles ‘syndrome X'

Vitamin E and prebiotics are important in the 21st century battle against ‘syndrome X’ – the umbrella term given to a collection of chronic maladies including obesity, inflammation, diabetes and non-alcoholic...

Oregon AG suit raises risk for ingredients with fuzzy legal standing, experts say

The lawsuit filed by the Oregon Attorney General raises overall risk for the supplements industry and could mean that a number of niche ingredients could disappear from the market, experts...

Consumer confidence in supplements remains high, says CRN survey

Eighty-four percent of US adults expressing overall confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of dietary supplements, according to the results of the newest survey commissioned by the Council for...

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