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Guest article

Resveratrol study results don’t tell the whole story on benefits: Expert

A new study that concluded resveratrol does not have metabolic benefits in relatively healthy middle-aged women is "flawed" and "tells us very little about the benefits or non-benefits of resveratrol",...

Bayer's acquisition of Schiff creates billion-dollar powerhouse

The combination of Schiff Nutrition and Bayer AG has created a powerhouse in the U.S. market with deep financial resources and global reach, said experts contacted by NutraIngredients-USA.

Chromadex to develop validated analytical tests for milk thistle, turmeric

Chromadex will develop create single laboratory validated methods for the quantitative determination of total silymarin content of milk thistle and of total curcuminoid content in turmeric under a government contract,...

Curcumin may match exercise for heart health benefits: RCT data

Daily supplements of curcumin may benefit cardiovascular health to the same extent as exercise for postmenopausal women, says new data from a clinical trial from Japan.

Kemin targets ‘significant opportunities’ in men’s health sector with tea extract

The men’s health sector has a new entrant as Kemin introduces a proprietary formula of catechins and theaflavins to support urological health.

Resveratrol may not have heart health benefits, says study

The red wine compound resveratrol may not have the metabolic benefits that previous research has suggested it may possess, according to new research data.

Bayer “absolutely open” to further acquisitions after $1.2bn Schiff shop

The consumer arm of German pharma giant Bayer Healthcare is to pay $1.2bn (€920m) for US food supplements company Schiff Nutrition International, a move that will make it one of...

Third time's the charm: Durbin, Blumenthal call on FDA to investigate energy drinks

For the third time in 2012, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. , joined for a second time by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., has sent a letter to the Food and Drug...

DHA omega-3 may lower anxiety risk

Increased intakes of the omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are associated with a reduced risk of anxiety, a study from Australia has reported for the first time.

Omega-3 may boost working memory in healthy young adults: Study

Increasing intakes of omega-3 may improve the working memory of young adults who are at the peak of their cognitive abilities, according to new data.

News in brief

Almased weight loss product to debut on Canadian store shelves

Almased, a weight-loss product pioneered first in German market, will debut on Canadian store shelves under a partnership with distributor True North Nutrition.

Guest editorial: Steve Mister, President & CEO, CRN

Multivitamin Study: Making Lemons Out of Lemonade

Why is the dietary supplement industry sabotaging the recent study that showed multivitamins may potentially lower the risk of cancer? In this special guest article, Steve Mister, President & CEO for...

Deerland targets gut health with yeast defense enzyme formula

Deerland Enzymes’ new dietary supplement formula, called ThioZymeYD, has targeted a condition-specific positioning aimed at supporting gut health by promoting a healthy population of yeast in the small intestine.

News in brief

Non-GMO Project verified product sales surge 66% to $2.4bn

Sales of non-GMO Project verified products surged by 66% in the past year to $2.4bn, according to new data* from SPINS.

Wikibotanica? AHPA launches online tool to share ID testing information

The wiki approach revolutionized the concept of the encyclopedia. The American Herbal Products Association hopes it will do the same for the science behind herbal products with the unveiling of...

Bean extracts show blood sugar management potential

Supplements containing extracts from beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) with a meal may improve glucose and insulin levels, according to results of a clinical trial from Indena.

Vitamin price drops but BASF nutrition sees 4% sales growth

BASF’s nutrition and health unit (N&H) earned €492m in Q3 – 4% more for the quarter than in 2011 when it had sales of €471m – despite falling prices for...

Will the ‘processed food’ definition in Prop 37 really kill off ‘natural’ claims on pack?

The dispute over whether Californian GMO labeling initiative Prop 37 will prevent manufacturers from using the term ‘natural’ on foods that contain no GMOs at all continues to rage, with...

EU-backed beta glucan trial explores immunity benefits

An EU-backed, 240-person trial is underway to investigate the ability of a range of beta-glucans to boost immune systems, with European Union health claim learnings firmly in mind.

Spruce extract could be ‘untapped’ prebiotic

An extract from spruce (Picea abies) may selectively enhance the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and offer a novel prebiotic for the nutritional products, says a new study.

NBTY doubles nutrition bar capacity at N.Y. location

Dietary supplement manufacturing giant NBTY has announced the opening of a new manufacturing plant at Amityville, N.Y.  The plant is dedicated to nutrition bar production.

Legume consumption helps glycemic control and lowers heart risk: Study

Higher consumption of legumes may help to improve glycemic control and reduce the risk of heart disease, according to new research.

FDA enforcement: Consent decree for GMP violations and an injunction for disease claims

An Oregon herb and supplement manufacturer has been slapped with a permanent injunction for disease claims on products, while a NY supplement manufacturer has agreed to stop activities following repeated...

Updated: Will CoQ10 prices increase as Mitsubishi quits the market?

CoQ10 supply to the nutraceutical market could be set to tighten as Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company announces it will withdraw from the manufacture and sale of the ingredient.

Arla launches “most sophisticated” recovery whey protein

The sports nutrition sector will appreciate a “finely chopped” whey that can deliver better recovery performance, says the ingredients arm of Danish dairy, Arla.

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