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Only 10 days to go - WeightManagement 2011

Following the outstanding success of last year’s edition, will host its 2nd virtual conference and expo dedicated to weight management, showcasing the latest trends and strategies in weight management...

Cranberry juice beats powder for UTI protection?

The urinary tract benefits of cranberry may be better delivered as a juice than as a powder, according to a new study that indicates the mechanism are more complex than...

Omega-3 may benefit depression symptoms, but only for depressive people

Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may improve symptoms of depression, but only in people taking antidepressant medications, according to a new study.

October 2011 in pictures: SSW, CRN, and FDA

NutraIngredients-USA looks back at an eventful month of news, with 'those' multivitamin and vitamin E studies, the 15th edition of SupplySide West, the FDA going on camera on NDIs, and...

Big Interview: Johann Tergesen, president, Burcon NutraScience

Plant protein, the final frontier: From canola to flax, hemp and pea

If there’s a plant with protein in it, Burcon NutraScience has probably had a good shot at extracting it. But is the market ready for flax protein isolate? Elaine Watson...

Poll: Do we need a clearer definition of ‘natural’?

In the world of food marketing, perception is everything. Consumers want foods that sound wholesome, friendly, and above all “natural” – although they are rarely able to articulate what this means.

RDA-based approach to maximum vitamin levels breaches WTO rules, says CRN

Countries that set maximum levels of vitamins in supplements based on RDAs (recommended dietary allowances) are out of step with the latest science and are violating three different World Trade...

Algatechnologies looks beyond astaxanthin to a ‘variety of active ingredients’

Algatechnologies is ramping up its research and development activities to explore the merits of producing a “variety of active ingredients from microalgae” beyond astaxanthin, its marketing chief has revealed.

News in brief

NutraJobs: People on the move Oct 2011

NutraIngredients-USA presents a photo gallery round up of movements in the nutra sector, including changes at the Natural Products Foundation, Caravan Ingredients, and Aker BioMarine.

CoQ10 may boost antioxidant defenses in people with atherosclerosis

Daily supplements of co-enzyme Q10 may boost antioxidant defenses and reduce markers of oxidative stress in people with atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, according to a new study from...

Calcium may enhance probiotic survival in the gut, cut cholesterol levels

Combining calcium phosphate supplements with probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei may enhance the colonization of the probiotic in the gut, and boost reductions in LDL cholesterol levels, says a new study...

Researchers develop GM yeast to produce vitamins in bread

A group of undergraduate students have used synthetic biology to enhance common yeast that yields beta carotene, which could be baked into bread rich in vitamin A.

Probiotics may influence carbohydrate metabolism: ‘Elegant’ study

Probiotic bacteria consumed in a yogurt may not change the host’s gut populations, but they do influence carbohydrate metabolism by the resident microbes, according to an ‘elegant’ new study using...

News in brief

BioCell rebrands collagen ingredient to reflect human skin data

BioCell Technology LLC has rebranded its ‘BioCell Collagen II’ ingredient to ‘BioCell Collagen’ as findings from the first human skin study ‘elucidate the ingredient’s full breadth of multiple benefits’.

CoQ10 may reduce muscle damage during intensive exercise

Supplements of co-enzyme Q10 may counter the rise in oxidative stress associated with strenuous exercise and reduce subsequent muscle damage, says a new study with ultra-runners participating in a 50...

CRN: FDA’s ‘arbitrary and capricious decision making’ on phytosterol claims has put supplements industry in an ‘untenable’ position

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put supplement makers in an “untenable” position with its move to discontinue an eight-year-old policy of enforcement discretion on health claims about phytosterols,...

Front-of-pack labeling in pictures: Healthier choices at a glance or more nutritional wallpaper?

Red lights, green dots, ticks, stars, healthy seals, nutrients to encourage, nutrients of concern, smart choices… The aim of front-of-pack labels is simple – to help us make healthier choices...

Fish oil supplementation may slow prostate cancer growth

A low-fat diet supplemented with fish oil pills may slow the growth of prostate cancer cells human prostate cancer tissue compared to a traditional high-fat Western diet, according to new...

News in Brief

‘Evolving multichannel growth model’ delivers double-digit top and bottom line growth for Vitamin Shoppe in Q3

Net sales at supplements retailer Vitamin Shoppe surged 11.5% to $208.9m in the third quarter driven by strong like-for-like sales in its store estate, 10 new stores and a 12%...

Resveratrol may boost oral health: Cell study

The benefits of resveratrol may also extend to oral health, suggests a new study which found that resveratrol may exert an antimicrobial effect and reduce levels of periodontitis–causing bacteria.

The multiple nutrient needs of bones: Review

Nutritional benefits for bone health expand well beyond vitamin D and calcium, says a new review that ‘highlights the importance of adequate nutrition’ for bones.

News in brief

AHPA to host cGMP compliance tele-seminar on variances

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) will host a cGMP compliance seminar to educate industry on issues of customer complaints, product returns, out of specification (OOS) lab results, and manufacturing...

US meal replacement market set for substantial growth as waistlines expand

Skyrocketing obesity rates coupled with a growing demand for convenience have continued to drive healthy growth in the meal replacement market throughout the recession, with sales set to rise 9.3%...

Functional food research between New Zealand and Japan

A collaborative project investigating the health-related compounds in onions is being conducted by Japan and New Zealand as part of a broader research partnership into functional food.

Consumer demand may push fiber to be ‘rock stars for the food industry’: Danisco

US consumers rank ‘high fiber’ among the top 3 most important benefits they look for when purchasing foods, according to results of a survey by Danisco.

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