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Sabinsa gets GRAS for CitrinK for drinks

Sabinsa Corporation says it has received independent GRAS status for the use of its flagship proprietary ingredient CitrinK in functional beverages.

More consumers read product labels, says report

Increasingly complicated product labels do not seem to have scared consumers off, according to a new report that revels that more Americans are likely to read food and beverage product...

Flavonoids may help improve heart health

Quercetin, a common flavonoid, is metabolised quickly in the body, which may reduce the positive benefits the compound is believed to have on cardiovascular health.

Hemp debate ignites between DEA and academia

The battle over the right to farm hemp for food purposes rages on in the US, with North Dakota State University submitting a brief amicus curaie in support of a...

WellGen to use $9.5mn financing to fund pipeline

Nutrigenomics researcher WellGen has announced the completion of a Series C financing worth $9.5mn it plans to use to build a pipeline of patented nutraceuticals.

Vitamin D doesn't reduce cancer risk, study

Reexamination of data relating to over 15,000 people has cast doubt on claims that increased vitamin D intake may reduce cancer mortality rates.

Severely restricting calories could lead to longer life

A study out of the University at Buffalo has linked severely restricting calories to slowing the progression of physical disability in age, which could have lifespan implications if carried over...

Lipogen's PS patent could spell further infant formula applications

Israeli company Lipogen has obtained patent pending for a delivery system for its PS ingredient that it says will improve the options for infant formula producers to successfully imitate breast...

Brown marine algae mined for functional ingredients

Polysaccharides from brown marine algae could provide the ingredients for a new wave of beverages with health benefits, according to researchers in Ireland.

Finnish collaboration expands industry uses for beta-glucan

A research collaboration out of Finland claims to be increasing the functional applications of beta-glucan for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals alike.

Nature's Pearl examines muscadine grape for heart health

Researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center say they are conducting the first-ever clinical study to evaluate potential cardiovascular health effects of muscadine grape seed from Nature's Pearl.

Cyanotech's Bioastin obtains structure/function claims

Hawaii's Cyanotech Corporation has obtained four new structure/function claims for its Bioastin following FDA review, as it looks to make consumers more familiar with the benefits of astaxanthin.

Riboflavin boosts folate's colorectal cancer protection - study

Riboflavin supplements could boost the protective effects of folate against colorectal cancer in people with colon polyps, suggests a new study from the UK and Ireland.

Micro-fibres eyed as future functional ingredients

'Micronised' insoluble fibres, insoluble fibres processed to the micron scale, could favourably change the gut health of hamsters and may translate into important ingredients for functional foods, suggests new research.

SourceOne to market Vesifact tech exclusively

SourceOne Global Partners has announced an alliance with Swiss company Vesifact AG for the distribution of technology, particularly relating to improving absorption.

Special edition: Opportunities in food

Organic Monitor: market consolidation raises supplier challenges

Manufacturers of organic products need to find innovative ways to keep their share of the supply chain as the squeeze of market consolidation begins, says Organic Monitor in the closing...

Trade associations ask FDA for exemptions in 100 percent identity testing

Trade associations are asking FDA to allow dietary supplement suppliers the possibility of exempting their customers from 100 percent identity testing under what is to be the final rule on...

Olive extract linked to better brain health

An extract from olive mill wastewater may protect brain cells from oxidative stress and guard against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, suggests new research.

Cranberry juice offers anti-viral possibilities - study

Cranberry juice's benefits may even extend to protecting against viruses, according to results of study from New York-based researchers.

Hispanics and African Americans more likely to use weight loss supplements?

A survey sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline suggests Hispanics and African Americans are more likely than whites to use unproven dietary supplements for weight loss.

Xenomis-Harvard polyphenol partnership could lengthen life

Xenomis has announced the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement with Harvard Medical School for the development of stressed plant polyphenol products geared towards longevity.

Omega-3 to cut colon cancer: meta-analysis

A pooled analysis of the small but ever-growing body of science of omega-3 and colorectal cancer indicates more fish oil does protect against the cancer.

Grapefruit juice gets anti-cancer fillip

Grapefruit juice and its active components, furocoumarins, may inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in the activation of compounds into cancer-causing compounds, suggests new research from the US.

Vitamin Angels and Vitamin Shoppe fight VAD

The nutraceutical industry's charity, Vitamin Angels, has made a large step towards eradicating the vitamin A deficiency that can lead to blindness in children.

General Mills researches yoghurt for weight management

Yoplait yogurt brand owner General Mills has conducted its own research into the healthy profile of the dairy product and is using the results to spread further consumer awareness.

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