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Folate fortification may not be enough for mothers, says study

Despite the introduction of mandatory folic acid fortification of grains as much as a third of women of childbearing age are not getting the recommended amounts, says a study from...

UNPA slams Cocaine drink

In a new twist, the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) has added its voice to the controversy over the Cocaine energy drink being sold on some retail shelves in the...

Ethics: benefits environment, community and bottom line

Integrating social and environmental concerns into business practices ultimately benefits a firm's bottom line as well as the environment, according to the CEO of energy bar manufacturer Clif Bar.

Scientists show how mom passes omega-3 to child

Supplementing mothers-to-be with omega-3 fatty acids results in higher amounts being delivered to the baby in the womb, say German scientists who have identified the carriers of the fatty acid...

Omega fatty acids to stop mental decline, says study

A new placebo-controlled trial has reported that daily supplements of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids could slow mental decline in elderly people, adding to a growing body of evidence linking...

Weekly comment

A fair trade future

The world needs an independent trade watchdog to properly regulate the international food supply chain if we as a society are to truly create a more sustainable and ethical food...

Curry spice extract may have anti-arthritis potential

Extracts from turmeric, the yellow spice used extensively in curries, reduced the destruction of joints associated with arthritis to similar levels to pharmaceuticals, says a new animal study from the...

Nutra Products says Garlieze biovailable without 'garlic burp'

Nutra Products is using the 'unsocial' side of garlic as a selling point to promote its garlic supplement ingredient Garlieze, for which it recently presented a study at the Annual...

Milk thistle extract could help diabetes control

A daily supplement of extracts from Milk Thistle significantly lowered fasting glucose levels by 15 per cent, says a randomized clinical trial from Iran published in an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Indian research spells economic benefits, says Santerra

Santerra Pharmaceuticals has formalised its links with Indian contract research organization Vedic Lifesciences to provide economically viable research for nutraceutical companies and help them communicate the results to the scientific...

Grape seed extracts could improve skin from within

A dietary supplement of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) could reduce reddening of the skin by 13 per cent, scientists from Hamburg-based Bioskin GmbH have reported, research sure to be welcomed by...

Distorted food supply, prices to blame for soaring obesity, says IOTF

The food and beverage industry must switch from "cheaper oils, starches and sugars" to a healthier and more nutritional focus, said the International Obesity Task Force, after startling new estimates...

Curcumin linked to better performance for elderly brains

Curcumin, the natural pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow colour, could slow mental decline in elderly people by 49 per cent, suggests a study of non-demented Asian people.

Advitech has strong Q3 on Dermylex sales

Advitech announced its first significant sales of psoriasis supplement Dermylex have propped-up financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2006.

Pressure group denounces super fruit juices

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has denounced super fruit juices, stoking debate over credible science behind products and the claims they make.

Norway spruce lignan dominant lignan in cereals, says study

Finnish researchers have reported that the lignan, 7-hydroxymatairesinol, is not only found in Norway spruce, but may also be the dominant lignan in a wide range of cereals.

Researchers race to perfect first totally purple tomato

Research groups around the world are working on breeding truly purple tomatoes, packed full of anthocyanins, and reports suggest that such a finished fruit may only be a few years...

Martek to start layoffs as part of restructuring

Martek Biosciences Corporation has announced plans to restructure its plant operations, including the layoff of 15 percent of its workforce, following a review of the company's current production and cost structure.

SelenoExcell goes global with Garuda

Cypress Systems is stepping up distribution of its high selenium yeast SelenoExcell in a new distribution agreement with Garuda International, set to take it into previously untapped markets and the...

Unigen pens 100-year plan

Unigen Pharmaceuticals is taking strategic planning to ambitious new heights with a 100-year business plan, which is the rationale behind the botanical ingredient company's new hires and internal shuffling of...

ONC takes Meg-3 to Mexico

Ocean Nutrition Canada has announced the creation of an exclusive distribution partnership in Mexico through FX Morales y Asociados, allowing the fish oil supplier to enter the Mexican market.

Functional foods make waves at SupplySide West

Attendees at this year's SupplySide West not only noticed the show was larger than in the past, but also noted greater inclusion of functional foods into what was previously a...

Studies uphold health benefits of alcohol

Drinking moderately may improve your health according to recent studies, but the key is moderation and a healthy lifestyle.

FDA opens dialogue over functional foods regulations

The FDA has signalled that it could adapt existing regulation to take account of the growing number of conventional foods marketed as 'functional foods category', starting with a public meeting...

Nutraceutix builds science on probiotics and innate immunity

A daily delayed-release tablet containing four probiotic strains boosted the innate immune system in healthy, non-elderly adults, says a pilot study funded by Washington-based Nutraceutix.

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