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AACC tries to demistify GI with new labeling

The glycemic index, a method established to rank foods based on the rate of carbohydrate absorption they trigger, is seeing increasing interest from researchers and the food industry, but there...

Health Sciences Group purchases natural cholesterol lowering technology

Nutraceutical ingredients supplier Health Sciences Group has acquired a worldwide license to a technology that has been clinically proven to significantly lower cholesterol.

Florida promotes health benefits of orange juice

The Florida Department of Citrus has decided the time is ripe to remind consumers of the nutrients contained in orange juice through a national campaign that will no doubt benefit...

Perrigo keeps up the good work in Q1

Supermarket brand vitamin and drug maker Perrigo has managed to build on the growth it saw last year and fielded a strong first quarter for 2005.

Herbal alternatives to keep the flu at bay

The shortage of flu vaccine has forced millions of Americans to seek alternatives and the supplements industry has not been slow in coming forward with suggestions.The American Botanical Council suggests...

Quick and easy - what the consumer wants

Chews, sweets and strips - manufacturers are marketing supplements to consumers who until now avoided them because they don't like swallowing pills or have been too busy to take them.

CRN: supplements key to the nation's health

Annette Dickinson, the president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, spoke to Philippa Nuttall before she gave her State of the Industry speech at the organization's annual conference yesterday and...

Functional foods growth led by snack and cereal bars

Foods offering consumers a quick-fix way to look fit and healthy are on the rise in the US market, with bakery and cereals set to remain at the heart of...

Kaneka ups CoQ10 production for third time in recent months

Japanese corporation Kaneka said this week that it will expand its production capacity at its plant in Takasago on the back of growing consumer consumption.

Industry could help halt rising tide of obesity in American-Asians

Individuals, health officials and the food industry must act now to halt the alarming proportion of low-income Asian and Pacific Islander children in California becoming overweight, if the figures of...

BI will distribute PIVEG's lutein in North America

California-based BI Nutraceuticals has joined with Mexican raw materials manufacturer Pigmentos Vegetales del Centro (PIVEG) to become the North American distributor for the company's ingredients.

Novis beats media old guard for publishing awards

Novis, now with almost half a million readers, last week earned broad industry recognition with two further publishing awards, following on from its best publication prize earlier this year.

Lipid Nutrition can make claims for Clarinol CLA

Lipid Nutrition, a division of the Dutch firm Loders Croklaan, has been given clearance by the FDA to use four health claims on its Clarinol CLA product.

SAD made 'better' with cholesterol free oil

Americans are constantly being urged to lose weight by eating more fruit, vegetables and fiber-rich foods. One company, however, has launched a "healthy" frying oil, which means the nation can...

Comfort for hyperacidic sufferers

Nearly half of the US population suffers from acid problems meaning they are unable to take acidic supplements such as vitamin C. One company thinks it has found a radical...

Kraft's earnings suffer despite healthy efforts

Despite attempts by Kraft Foods to give the company a healthier image, earnings fell for the fifth straight quarter as higher commodity costs and retail price pressures took their toll.

Supplement companies sticking to vitamin strips

Melt-in-your mouth strips are the way forward and supplement makers in the US are also starting to get in on the act, reports Philippa Nuttall.

Consumer-focused website seeks supplement suppliers

Supplement companies looking for new way to attract consumers are being encouraged to add their product to a website-based brand database, where consumers can compare and contrast the suppplements on...

Dairy ingredients company ushers in value-added age

Fonterra has built a new processing plant in New Zealand as part of its strategy to move its dairy business away from commodification and towards producing more value-added products.

FDA sets up meeting to discuss NDIs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is holding a public meeting on 15 November to give industry and consumers the chance to discuss the government body's premarket notification program for...

Coke goes 'Full Throttle' into energy drinks market

Coca-Cola, which until now has struggled to make its mark in the profitable energy-drink market, hopes to rectify the situation with the launch of Full Throttle early next year in...

Ester-C products continue to lead Zila to profit

Despite losses incurred from the discontinued saw palmetto products, the nutraceutical unit of the Arizona healthcare company, Zila, continued to be a star performer in fiscal 2004.

Science is the key to supplement marketing

A report published last week suggested that supplement manufacturers need to win back consumer confidence - shaken by a spate of negative media reports. Norbert Weitkemper, director of global marketing...

Pepsi and Coca-Cola boost nutritional labeling

These increasingly health conscious times are proving challenging for carbonated drinks manufacturers. Last week, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo decided the time was right to comply with FDA recommendations and explain the...

Americans must up calcium and vitamin D intake

Americans were warned last week that unless they up their consumption of calcium and vitamin D, the number of people suffering from osteoporosis and low bone mass is likely to...

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