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CoQ10 may reverse effects of age-related mental decline: Mouse data

Supplementing the diet of old mice with Coenzyme Q10 may reverse some age-related impairments in cognitive and psychomotor functions, says a new study.

NPA members reject adding big retailers, online outlets

The membership of the Natural Products Association rejected a move to expand retail membership  beyond traditional health food stores.  But it passed another bylaw change that might make future adjustments...

Vitamin D may boost bone health for adolescent girls, but not boys: RCT

Daily supplements of vitamin D may increase bone mass and structural bone parameters in adolescent girls, but boys didn’t seem to get any benefits in the parameters measured, says a...

New supplement targets magnesium deficiency as side effect of diuretics

Althos Pharma is targeting a new market—patients taking diuretics —with the release of its Magnitria supplement, which features powder form magnesium citrate to address the deficiency of this mineral that...

Vitamin D alone may have little bone benefit: Study

Supplementation of vitamin D3 alone 'does little' to protect bone health in postmenopausal women, however  vitamin D3 with calcium and calcium alone have noticeable benefits, say researchers.

Gut bacteria are closely linked to immune functions, review suggests

A new understanding of the essential role of gut microbes in the immune system could hold the key to battling significant and global public health issues, researchers have suggested.

Valensa moves to meet astaxanthin demand with new algae supply agreement

The ongoing demand for astaxanthin has led category formulation leader Valensa to conclude a supply arrangement with algae producer Contract Biotics. But capitalizing on that demand curve will mean using...

Does new study cast doubt on omega-3 brain benefits?

Consumption of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may not offer protection against cognitive declines, according to new study. However researchers have warned that the findings should not mean that we think...

What’s driving growth in functional food and beverages? A convergence of nutrition, convenience and taste

With the global market for functional foods and beverages on track to reach $176.7 billion this year, this booming category now accounts for 5% of the overall food market and...

Consumers seeking caffeine alternatives that deliver the same energy boost, says Chromadex commissioned survey

Over 70% of Americans may be interested in reduced caffeine energy beverages that can offer the boost of caffeine but without the crash, according to a new survey conducted by...

First omega 3s shot hits market with Oceans Omega's emulsion technology

Omega 3s will be swimming in uncharted waters with the launch of what Oceans Omega believes is the first shot product featuring EPA and DHA from fish oil.

NSF joins Non-GMO Project

As consumer and retailer demand for third party-verified non-GMO product labels shows no signs of slowing, NSF International announced that it will join the Non-GMO Project as a technical administrator...

'Dynamic and interactive' event returns to Cannes, France

Food Vision 2014: Summit returns to inspire food business leaders on innovation, consumer engagement, R&D

Innovation, sustainability, cutting-edge food science, and changing consumer behaviour will drive William Reed’s Food Vision event, with the programme offering food science through the focused lens of commercial interest to...

Blueberry powder may boost gut bacteria with 'demonstrated health-promoting properties', says a new study

A daily drink of juice containing wild blueberry powder may boost select bifidobacteria strains in the gut with the potential to influence immune health, says a new study with human...

Melatonin may offer weight management potential: Animal data

Consumption of melatonin could help control weight gain by stimulating the development of ‘beige fat’ cells that burn - rather than store - calories, say researchers.

Caffeine slows growth of ‘children’s plastic brains’: Rat study

Adolescent Sprague Dawley rats fed caffeine had retarded brain development and disturbed sleep patterns, researchers have found.

New algae omega 3s player Qualitas goes head to head with krill

When Qualitas Health debuts its EPA algal oil at Supply Side West in November it says it believes it will be the only algal omega-3s source based on polar lipids...

Warning letter lawsuit highlights shared responsibility for bringing compliant products to market

A recent lawsuit filed in California points out some of the issues concerning who’s responsible for product claims as a product makes it way to market.  Everyone in the chain...

FDA permits qualified health claim about whole grains and type 2 diabetes, but is the wording so qualified no one will use it?

The FDA says it will permit qualified health claims on the relationship between eating whole grains and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but is the wording it has...

Supplement industry applauds F&S economic report, urges additional action

The supplement industry largely commended Monday’s Council for Responsible Nutrition-commissioned report that found that dietary supplements could save billions of dollars in health care costs, while also urging political leaders...

‘Important’ study: Vitamin K shows benefits for memory

Increased blood levels of vitamin K1 are associated with improved episodic memory in healthy older adults, says a new study that provides support for vitamin K and brain health.

Resveratrol and pterostilbene may offer immune function benefits: Study

Compounds from red grapes and blueberries could help to enhance immune functions by working in synergy with vitamin D, according to new research.

News in brief

FDA sends warning letter for DMAA-containing product, GMP violations

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning letter to Oklahoma City-based Pure Energy Products, Inc. for products containing controversial compound DMAA.

From the 20th International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain

Unilever: Healthier food choices must be ‘doable’

The food industry came under attack last week at the International Congress of Nutrition (#ICN20) for not doing enough to improve the healthiness of its portfolios…unfairly, says Unilever.

Resveratrol shows fat cell shrinking potential: Human data

Thirty days of supplementation with resveratrol were associated with a reduction in the size of fat cells, with genetic tests showing various pathways for fat breakdown, researchers from the Netherlands...

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