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FDA not ready to start FSMA registration process

The Food and Drug administration announced via e-mail alert late Friday that the procedure for food facility registrations will not be ready to be implemented by Monday, Oct. 1, the...

ChromaDex, Phenomenex team up on testing offerings

The legendary Army football teams of the middle 1940s featured Heisman Trophy winners Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis, dubbed Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside. Now there’s another complementary pairing: ChromaDex...

Europharma claims greater omega-3 freshness for Vectomega product

The highly competitive omega-3s market continues to differentiate, with the latest move being made by Europharma with claims of superior freshness for its Vectomega product.

Polyphenol-rich apple juice shows obesity benefits

A daily glass of cloudy apple juice may decrease body fat in obese people, compared to a control beverage, with greater effects noted in individuals with certain genetic profiles.

September in pictures: 100th birthday for vitamins, 'flawed' omega-3 analysis, and supplement sales growth

It’s been an eventful month! NutraIngredients-USA looks back at an important month for the dietary supplements industry, which included Congresses wishing vitamins a happy birthday, that ‘flawed’ omega-3 analysis, and...

Pepsi backs Dutch muscle function project

Food giant PepsiCo has joined a private-public research project in the Netherlands that is investigating how nutrition affects muscle function in athletes and the elderly.

Douglas Labs launches Klean Athlete sports line

Sometimes less is more, as in the new line of supplements from Douglas Laboratories called Klean Athlete. The line was formulated to help athletes feel healthier, without claiming to make...

New ingredient targets satiety at lining of gut

A new line of financing will help Elcelyx Therapeutics further develop its satiety ingredient Lovidia, the company announced recently.  Lovidia, a proprietary blend of GRAS ingredients, is aimed at the...

News in brief

Albion signs on as Vitamin Angels sponsor

Albion Human Nutrition has signed on to sponsor the international charity Vitamin Angels, the company announced recently.   Vitamin Angels seeks to reduce child mortality worldwide by providing infants and children...

Gut bacteria changes touted as a cause of diabetes

Major changes to the profile of our gut bacteria ecosystem are associated with the development of type two diabetes, according to ‘exciting’ new meta-genomic data published in Nature.

Congress recognizes 100th anniversary of the vitamin

If only Casimir Funk were alive today to see what he hath wrought.  A resolution in the U.S. Congress on Wednesday recognized the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the...

Multivitamin shows brain boosting activity for elderly women

A daily multivitamin and mineral supplement with added herbal ingredients may boost performance accuracy and enhance neural efficiency in older women, suggest data from a randomized controlled trial from Australia.

Aurora Algae: ‘There is a lot more recognition of the standalone EPA story now’

There is a “unique opportunity for high purity EPA as a standalone ingredient” as the omega-3 market becomes more sophisticated, says algal omega-3 specialist Aurora Algae as it prepares to...

News in brief

Nutraceutix builds IP with international patents for probiotic delivery system

Washington State-based Nutraceutix is continuing to build the IP portfolio for its  BIO-tract delivery system with a new patent from the Japanese Patent Office and acceptance of a patent application...

‘Breakout hit’ Satiereal expands NA IP & readies for fight against trademark infringements

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has granted Patent # CA 2648985 to INO’Réal and company founder Cédric Bourges for the saffron extract Satiereal, as the company builds and defends its...

Australian sales growth drives Aker BioMarine sales reorganization

Aker BioMarine, the supplier of the raw material for the leading omega-3 SKU in North America, has announced a sales reorganization driven by the outstanding growth of Aker’s Superba Krill...

Delivery format key to reaching Gen Y supplement users

Kids don’t listen to the music their parents did.  When they got their driver’s licenses, they didn’t drive the family Buick, unless there was no choice.  And now that they...

Hop extract shows weight management potential

Extracts from hops (Humulus lupulus L.) may help manage weight and increase ‘metabolic flexibility’ in mice fed a high fat diet, researchers report.

Captek increases softgel production capacity by 40%

California-based Captek Softgel International, Inc. (CSI) has increased its softgel production capacity by up to 40% as the company responds to increased demand from the market.

Danone settles Canadian Activia health claims lawsuit

Danone has settled a class action lawsuit in Canada relating to claims made on labels, packaging and advertisements for its Activia yogurt and DanActive probiotic drinks products.

LIMS slowly displacing paper records in labs

Electronic record keeping is slowly making inroads into the analytical chemistry side of the dietary supplement business. But for many lab techs, it’s still a pencil and paper world.

Letter to FDA seeks guidance on FSMA food facility registrations

A group of industry trade associations has sent a letter to FDA asking for clarification for the process of registering their facilities under the Food Safety Modernization Act. The deadline...

Buckwheat benefits linked to d-fagomine content

A diet rich in buckwheat products would provide a daily dose of the sugar d-fagomine linked to benefits in the range of the active dose seen in supplemental studies, says...

News in brief

Marlyn Nutraceuticals earns NSF GMP for Sport certification

Marlyn Nutraceuticals Inc., a Phoenix-based contract manufacturer, has successfully completed an NSF GMP for Sport certification program, the company announced recently.

Study links vitamin D to heart disease and early death

Low levels of vitamin D may be associated with a ‘markedly higher’ risk of heart attack and early death, according to new research.

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