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Dispatches from ADA Conference 2011

Cargill: The earlier the better for glucosamine supplementation as focus shifts to healthy cartilage

A shift in thinking about glucosamine - supported by new clinical research on healthy (pain-free) joints - could help revitalize the flagging joint health supplement market and give food manufacturers...

NutraIngredients-USA poll

Does the industry need another trade association?

A new trade association has been mooted, but the current 'big 5' trade associations say there is no need. But what do you think?

European probiotic conferences given fresh push via William Reed acquisition

William Reed Business Media (WRBM), the publisher of, has taken control of two leading European probiotic conferences – Probiotech and Microbiota – from French firm Gate2Tech.

Plant extract blend offers potent antioxidant activity: Study

A blend of 20 plant-based ingredients may boost antioxidant defenses and combat oxidative stress, according to results of a small study.

Yakult USA volumes ratchet up as it prepares to open first US plant

Japanese probiotic pioneer Yakult is now selling more than 118,000 bottles of its signature probiotic drink a day in the US (based on average sales Jan-June 2011) compared with 110,000...

Ingredient suppliers grasping opportunity inside Asia’s many markets

Intra-regional finesse is a necessity not a luxury when it comes to doing business in the many markets of the Asia-Pacific, as leading suppliers Chr Hansen and Danisco relayed at...

News in brief

NPA selects Mark LeDoux as ComPLI Committee Chairman

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has named Mark LeDoux as its new chairman of NPA’s Committee for Product and Label Integrity (ComPLI).

Antioxidant-rich cocoa shows short-term heart benefits: Harvard review

Eating antioxidant-rich cocoa products may improve blood pressure and boost levels of good cholesterol, according to a meta-analysis of studies.

AHPA: Work with existing trade associations, a new one isn’t needed

Dietary supplement companies should work with the existing trade associations to properly address the NDI draft guidance, says the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), as a new dietary supplement trade...

FDA’s Fabricant: ‘Unreasonable risk’ has nothing to do with efficacy

The issue of ‘unreasonable risk’ in the NDI draft guidance is not about efficacy, despite what some industry personalities have said, the director of the FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplement...

Jarrow Rogovin proposes new supplement trade association: There's no need, say existing associations

The dietary supplements industry may have a new trade association, as Jarrow Rogovin, founder and president of Jarrow Formulas, proposes the creation of the DSMMA.

News in brief

GOED grows membership 51%, expands management team

The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) has expanded and strengthened its management team in response to a 51% growth in membership.

Saw palmetto no better than placebo for urinary tract symptoms?

Supplements of saw palmetto do not benefit lower urinary tract symptoms in men any more than placebo, according to results of a new clinical trial.

Coffee lowers depression risk in women up to 20%: 10-year study

The risk of depression lowers by up to 20% with increased caffeinated coffee consumption, a study of more than 50,000 US women has found.

GC Rieber Oils establishes direct platform to North American market

Norwegian supplier GC Rieber Oils AS has established a US office, giving it a direct platform to promote its VivoMega brand of fish oils and high omega-3 concentrates.

Low vitamin D levels may damage lungs, promote severe asthma: Study

Deficient levels of vitamin D may cause structural changes in the airways of children with a severe type of asthma, suggests new data from London.

Novel ‘raffinose-derived’ oligosaccharides show prebiotic promise

Forms of oligosaccharides derived from some vegetables, grains like lupine, cottonseed and soy whey could have commercial applications following an in vitro study that demonstrated prebiotic gut health benefits.

Low B12 levels may boost brain shrinkage: Study

Vitamin B12 deficiency may increase the risk of reduced mental function and increase the loss of brain volume in older people, says a new study.

Food matches supplements for omega-3 dosing: Study

Consuming omega-3 via capsules or fortified foods produces equal increases in blood levels of the fatty acids, says a new study from Norway.

Researchers report ‘concerning’ decline in food-based vitamin D intakes

The intake of vitamin D from foods has been in decline in the US population for the past 25 years, says a new study that highlights a ‘concerning trend’.

Start-up woos ‘hormone-conscious’ consumers with estrogen-free soy

A Delaware-based firm that has patented a process to remove estrogen and other unwanted components from soy is in advanced negotiations with manufacturers of soy foods to license its technology.

News in brief

EAS to set ‘new standard’ in sports nutrition quality

EAS Sports Nutrition is taking a step further in the manufacturing of drug- free dietary supplements by partnering with two leading sports testing laboratories.

Fruit waste may provide cheap source of antioxidants, suggests study

Fruits and vegetables waste by-products could be utilized as a good source of cheap antioxidants for improving human health and reducing the risks of some chronic diseases, according to new...

US structure/function claims under scrutiny as EFSA ups the ante

Firms making structure/function claims about foods and supplements in the US could face difficult questions when the final list of general function claims permitted in Europe is released and it...

Omega-3 may ease depression symptoms, slash dementia risk: RCT

Fish oil supplements may reduce symptoms of depression and a subsequent risk of dementia, suggests new data from Australia.

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