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Glucosamine better than common painkiller for knee arthritis

Two long-awaited clinical trials on glucosamine have found the shellfish-derived substance to significantly reduce the pain of arthritic joints, and it may be better than a commonly used painkiller in...

Fortitech brings calcium chelate to market

Fortitech is making a new calcium ingredient available to beverage formulators, which it claims can deliver much higher levels of the mineral.

Eating habits for a healthy heart must start early, says AHA

Protecting the heart through healthy eating starts in earliest childhood, says the American Heart Association which released its new dietary recommendations for children and adolescents this week, an initiative that...

FTC and Competition Bureau join forces over fake diet pills

The FTC and Canada's Competition Bureau are aiming to warn more consumers off popping diet pills that make false claims for fast weight-loss, with their own spoof website pretending to...

Dairy food consumption linked to lower risk of metabolic syndrome

The more dairy products consumed, the less likely your chances of metabolic syndrome, suggests a new study out of Iran.

Flavanols may improve smokers' blood vessel health

Flavanols, the natural chemicals found in chocolate, fruits and tea, can boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood of smokers and reverse some of the smoking-related damage to...

Plant oestrogens may protect against lung cancer

Eating foods containing phytoestrogens - like soya products, plant oils and a range of different fruits and vegetables - appears to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer even in...

Convergence is key to crisis aversion, says CRN

The supplements industry needs to anticipate potential crises and act strategically to shape the climate - before the climate shapes the industry, said Steve Mister, president of the CRN at...

Demand for soy to speed up through 2009

New research and the approval of health claims will contribute to 5.1 percent annual growth in demand for soy in the US over the next five years, predicts market researcher...

Scientists double CLA content in cheese

Feeding cows sunflower oil more than doubled levels of conjugated linoleic acids in cheese made from their milk, says new research, improving the fatty acids' potential in functional dairy development.

New ingredients and research boost natural joint health

The recent safety scandal over Vioxx and the withdrawal of the drug from the market left a huge void in the joint care market. But manufacturers of natural products have...

Seaweed-fortified junk food developed

Junk food could be made healthier by adding an extract of an exotic type of seaweed, according to British scientists.

Bill to end health claim delays to be proposed

Members of the Liberty Committee are planning to co-sponsor a bill aimed at making accurate disease-nutrient information more visible in the US marketplace.

Inspire trust in supplements, CRN tells industry

Executives carry the reputation of the dietary supplements industry on their shoulders and it is down to them to prove it can be trusted, exhorts the Council for Responsible Nutrition...

VitaCube rebrands as XELR8, launches products

Colorado nutritional foods and supplements marketer VitaCube has unveiled a new corporate identity and product branding strategy under the name of XELR8.

Common fruit and veg may protect memory in elderly

Broccoli, potatoes, oranges, apples and radishes all contain substances that act in the same way as drugs used to treat Alzheimer's, UK researchers will report today.

Pomegranate extract fights prostate cancer in lab tests

Pomegranate juice may be able to prevent prostate cancer if initial findings in the lab can be confirmed in humans, say US researchers.

Weekly comment

McDonald's: facing fat

There is nothing so redolent of a corporate mid-life crisis as the strategic equivalent of a new car, new girl and new image, set firmly on the shoulders of the...

Vegan diet for weight-loss hailed by study

Following a low-fat vegan diet may boost weight loss by more than a standard cholesterol-control diet containing meat and animal-derivatives, indicates a new study - despite the vegan participants upping...

AHPA draws NDI distinction over herb processing

The American Herbal Products Association has filed new comments with the FDA over its new dietary ingredients (NDI) program, drawing attention to possible differences in composition between unprocessed herbs and...

Infants benefit from prebiotics too, indicates study

Infants formula-makers looking replicate the qualities of breast milk are turning to prebiotics to boost gut health, according to Orafti. A new study conducted in France indicates their benefits.

Report highlights the importance of vitamin D for teeth

A new report highlights the fact that vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, is just as essential in the fight against oral diseases as calcium.

Antioxidants may hamper cancer therapies

Antioxidants are widely believed to help reduce the risk of certain cancers, but if taken by cancer patients undergoing cytotoxic therapy they may have a detrimental effect, according to a...

Wild makes additions to its HITS list

Kentucky-based Wild Flavors is expanding its functional ingredients, adding four innovative new ingredients to its HITS portfolio - otherwise known as Health Ingredient Technology and Solutions.

Vitiva takes on US with rosemary-derived antioxidants

Slovenia's Vitiva is turning its attention on the US natural antioxidants market, where it hopes its rosemary-derived ingredients will capture the attention of healthy food manufacturers.

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