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Omega Protein to supply National Starch

Houston based Omega Protein is to become the sole supplier of long-chain omega-3 fish oil to National Starch according to an agreement it signed this week.

Website to educate about omega-3 goes live

Canada Ocean Nutrition has launched an education website to help fill what they see as a communication lack between industry and consumers about the health benefits of omega-3 fish oils.

Atkins comes in for more flak

This week has seen more trials and tribulations in the Atkins diet saga with the Partnership for Essential Nutrition launching a campaign to prevent marketers of low-carb diets from distributing...

Benecol introduces cholesterol lowering chews

The makers of Benecol cholesterol-lowering products have introduced a new way for consumers to try and lower their cholesterol in the form of a soft dietary supplement chew.

ONC launches fish-oil brand

Ocean Nutrition Canada has branded its fish oil ingredients in the hope that MEG-3 will become a household name for businesses and consumers.

Healthy Foundation gives Vitamin Relief

The organization has added eight new members to its board including Gail Montgomery, president and CEO of Nutrition 21, who has been made president of the body, which will henceforth...

Kraft labels products as suitable for Beach diet

Kraft Foods announced today that in the next few days certain of its products will be branded as "South Beach diet recommended", as it attempts to cash in on North...

SupplySide West gears up for opening

The organisers of SupplySide West will at this very moment be crossing their fingers and making those last minute adjustments to make sure that this year's show - which opens...

Child's leukaemia risk lower if mother eats well

Women who eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and protein before pregnancy may lower the risk of having a child who develops leukaemia, the most common childhood cancer in...

Ocean Spray expands operations

US cranberry co-operative Ocean Spray will purchase the cranberry processing assets and current inventory of unprocessed cranberries of Wisconsin-based Northland Cranberries as part of the expansion of its fruit receiving...

Further proof folic food fortification works

A recent study in Canada has given weight to the assumption that adding folic acid to food can dramatically reduce the incidence of birth defects.

Jury rules in favour of Kemin in lutein patent case

A jury has voted to uphold Kemin Industries' patents for the chemical composition and production process of lutein, in a trial in Des Moines, Iowa, against Pigmentos Vegetales del Centro.

Supplementation means gains for tax payer's pocket and health

Supplementation by US consumers could save the state $15 billion in health costs according to a study published last week. Philippa Nuttall spoke to Elliott Balbert, president of the Dietary...

Hispanic challenges for food industry

In affirming its support for Hispanic Heritage Month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, highlighted the health challenges facing the Hispanic community; challenges...

Cinnamon solution for diabetes

Nutritional supplements supplier Hero Nutritionals has launched a dietary supplement from a water extract of cinnamon, which is designed to promote glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity.

General Mills suffers from industry-wide profit decline

General Mills is the latest food manufacturer to report a decline in net profit this year, and again the blame goes on raw material price hikes and fierce competition in...

Bravo! extends fortified milk range with Masterfoods

Bravo! Foods International, a manufacturer of vitamin-fortified flavored milks, has signed a licensing agreement with the confectionery and snack food division of Mars, Masterfoods USA, to produce, market and sell...

Agricore invests in functional food research

Canadian firm Agricore United will invest $1 million dollars over a five year period in the University of Manitoba's new Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.

Have functional soft drinks replaced milk?

The drinks industry believes fortified beverages are the answer to claims that Americans are increasingly drinking sweetened soft drinks at the expense of more nutritious alternatives.

CRN urges inclusion of supplements in dietary guidelines

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) today submitted comments to the Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Department of Agriculture urging them to recognize the importance...

Soy price to rise after hurricane?

Damage from Hurricane Ivan that struck the US in the past week could send soy bean prices rising.

Declining children's supplement market pushes Hero to grow up

Dietary supplement manufacturer Hero Nutritionals last week teamed up with Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) in an attempt to shed a little of its Yummi Bear image and move further into...

DSM puts money into nutrigenomics firm

DSM Venturing will invest in the Connecticut, US based company Sciona - an important player in the growing nutrigenomics field.

US women supplementing with folic acid

A record number of American women of childbearing age are taking folic acid supplementation, according to a survey by a national health agency.

AXM extends Sunkist range in China

AXM Pharma has become the supplier for food grade multivitamins produced by Supplement Sciences, which will henceforth be marketed under the Sunkist brand.

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