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Protein trends

C-fu’s new processing platforms could help pave the way for an insect commodity market

Two new, versatile production platforms created by ingredient supplier C-fu FOODS could crack open the nascent insect protein commodity market in North America by “abstracting the product from its source,” a...

BlueOcean launches consumer brand to boost visibility of extended release technology, omega-3 shrimp oil

BlueOcean Nutrasciences has taken the direct-to-consumer route with an extended release, tablet form of omega-3 fish oil. The company intends to boost the viability of that technology in its own...

Schiff hit with lawsuit over MegaRed cardiovascular claim wording

A potential class action lawsuit filed against Schiff Nutrition points out the potential liability firms can expose themselves to when they don’t follow claims guidelines exactly.

Gut bacteria play vital role in benefits and harms of different fats: Mouse data

The impact of different dietary fats on our health may be mediated by the changes the cause in our gut bacteria ecosystem, according to new research. 

Trade associations call to elevate Division of Dietary Supplement Programs to an ‘Office’

Four of the five main trade associations for dietary supplements have written to the FDA to express their “interest in and support for” the elevation of the Division of Dietary...

‘The ratio of vitamin E to PUFA is critical & requires deeper examination’: DSM

Vitamin E requirement should be increased as intakes of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) increase, say scientists from DSM and the University of Southampton in a new paper.

Amino acid supplements may boost vascular endothelial function in older adults: Study

A combination of HMB (a metabolite of leucine), glutamine and arginine may improve vascular function and blood flow in older people, says a new study.

Weight management metabolite ingredient to debut backed by NDI filing

Startup company NutriForward is bringing to market a new weight management supplement based on a novel ingredient. But in a sector widely known for putting the cart before the horse,...

Court shuts down energy drink network marketer Vemma over pyramid scheme allegation

Vemma Nutrition, a multilevel marketing company that based its business on a line of mangosteen juice drinks, has been shut down by an Arizona court acting on a Federal Trade...

Trade organization forms to foster non-GMO certification for supplements

A new trade organization - the Coalition for Supplement Sustainability (CSS) - has formed primarily out of a need to identify a way for supplement manufacturers to deal with non-GMO...

Yakult USA confident of "eventual and ultimate vindication" in probiotics class action

Probiotic specialist Yakult USA has challenged allegations in a class action alleging it is misleading US shoppers about the digestive health benefits of its fermented drinks and says it is confident...

Calcium supplementation again questioned, this time in Harvard newsletter

How much calcium is too much?  Despite recent determinations by health authorities, it’s a question that won’t be put to rest.  The most recent stirring of the pot came in...

Lutein/zeaxanthin and cognitive health: New study supports macular pigment as potential biomarker of brain health

Measuring macular pigment offers potential as a biomarker of cognitive health, and Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to be seriously deficient in carotenoids, say data from two new studies.

NOAA launches plan to get better data on effect of climate change on marine resources

The effects of climate change on the supplies of marine ingredients is mostly speculation at this point, experts seem to agree. But the potential consequences are enormous, and the major...

Coffee polyphenol may help manage blood sugar in healthy people: Study

Polyphenols from coffee may improve blood sugar levels and boost endothelial function in healthy men, says a new study from Japan.

“Omega-3s, from fish or supplements, should be consumed throughout life," says GOED

Omega-3 supplements fail to halt cognitive decline in the elderly, says AREDS 2 data

One gram per day of EPA plus DHA omega-3s does not appear to slow normal age-related cognitive decline in people over 70, suggests data from the AREDS 2 eye study.

NBTY's acquisition of Dr Organic mirrors trend in supplement industry toward personal care

Dietary supplement manufacturing giant NBTY has acquired UK skincare line Dr Organic, a move that mirrors a trend in the supplement industry toward higher margin personal care offerings.

News in brief

Sabinsa obtains site registration for Utah facility from Canadian authorities

Sabinsa Corp. has added to the list of certifications for its Utah contract manufacturing facility with a site registration from Canadian health authorities. 

DSM reshuffle spells 1000+ job losses

Nutrition giant DSM has outlined organisational adjustments that will see 900-1100 jobs lost – half of which will be in the Netherlands.

Pre hypertension link to risk in young adults widens scope for grape seed extract, Polyphenolics says

High blood pressure has been called the silent killer, and a recent study indicates its effects may be more widespread than previously believed.  It creates a market opportunity for those...

Multi-component formula shows potential eye health benefits for diabetics: RCT

Six months of supplementation with xanthophyll pigments, antioxidants and selected botanical extracts may improve visual function in diabetes, says a new study.

Canadian company claims its liposomal delivery massively boosts CBD bioavailability

Despite the regulatory haze that clouds the picture of hemp ingredients, innovation continues at an unrestrained pace. In the latest development, early stage company Lexaria says it has developed a...

Omega-3 could help support ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut

The omage-3 fatty acid EPA may help to support the growth and tolerance of probiotic bacterial strains in the human gut, according to new preliminary research.

Should probiotics star in Helicobacter pylori therapy?

There are some promising results but no firm conclusions when it comes to using probiotics against the stomach germ Helicobacter pylori, a review finds.

Firm automates ingredient discovery based on epigenetic activity

Finding new bioactive molecules has in the past been something of a treasure hunt that had developers combing records of traditional uses of botanicals for clues pointing the way to...

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