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Algae producer Solarvest nears market with organic omega-3 oil

Algae production involves fostering the growth of individual, single cells.  But these remarkably flexible organisms afford multiple paths of entry into the nutraceutical business.  For Canadian company Solarvest Bioenergy, Inc.,...

Maple water as ‘a great candidate for functional beverage applications’: Study shows processing has no effect on chemical and nutrition components

Sterilization and pasteurization have no effects on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of maple sap, says a new study that supports it as a ‘great candidate for functional beverage...

Sesame seeds can aid pre-diabetic blood glucose levels: Study

A herbal blend based on sesame seed lignan extracts can help reduce blood glucose levels among a growing proportion of the population classed as pre-diabetic, according to Indian researchers.

Researching seniors helps Ganeden sidestep study design issues while reaching booming market

Finding a sweet spot in researching gut health ingredients without crossing regulatory boundaries can be a challenge. Probiotic ingredient supplier Ganeden Biotech seems to have found one way around this...

Pure Encapsulations launches ‘novel’ PureSynapse brain health range

Four specialty supplement formulas have been developed by Pure Encapsulations with James Greenblatt, MD, for emotional health, memory and behavior, as the company sees ‘definite growth potential’ for the cognitive...

Zinc biomarker may offer greater insight in to effects of deficiency, say researchers

A potential new diagnostic marker for zinc status could help researchers and industry better understand the effects of low zinc status in the body, according to new research.

Healthy subjects study kickstarts sales of UC-II ingredient, InterHealth says

A question is sometimes raised whether consumers are swayed by positive studies. Whether science sells, in point of fact.  Speaking from recent experience, the answer for InterHealth Nutraceuticals is a...

News in brief

NutriScience offers natural caffeine from tea for energy products

Connecticut-based NutriScience Innovations, LLC is offering caffeine from tea leaves as a natural alternative for manufacturers with an energy source to accommodate the ever increasing demand for naturally derived products.

Red yeast rice ‘safely’ reduces cholesterol levels and inflammatory markers: Italian study

A daily dose of red yeast rice safely reduces elevated cholesterol levels, decreases a marker of inflammation, and lowers markers of vascular remodeling, says a new study from Italy that...

Relora supplement shows stress management potential for athletes

Daily supplements containing extracts of Magnolia (Magnolia officinalis) and Phellodendron (Phellodendron amurense) barks – branded as Relora – may reduce stress in moderately stressed healthy subjects, says a new study.

"An amazing result with possibly enormous implications for the treatment and even prevention of the greatest public health issue of our time"

Microbiome breakthrough: Gut flora implicated in metabolic disorders

There is a distinct link between the composition of our gut bacteria and incidence of obesity related conditions including heart disease and diabetes, according to new data from the MetaHIT...

Special report

Double-digit nutraceutical growth highlights India’s economy of scale

Indian nutraceutical companies have been watching a nascent industry mature over the last couple of years, and now recently released figures have backed up the boom.

Software maintenance solution can help boost manufacturers' GMP compliance

AssetPoint, a provider of maintenance software solutions, helps dietary supplement manufacturers bolster their equipment maintenance record keeping, somethat that can be a weak spot in their Good Manufacturing Practice compliance...

Collaboration was key design parameter for Kemin's new R&D facility

Kemin Industries is seeking to better harness the brain power of the scientists behind its various business units with opening of its new Molecular Advancement Center at its corporate headquarters...

Broccoli benefits: Could sulforaphane be key in the fight against osteoarthritis?

Sulforaphane found in broccoli could help to prevent or slow the progress of one of the most common forms of arthritis, say researchers.

Calcium supplements' breast cancer benefits questioned

Calcium supplements that are widely recommended for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer may not prevent the bone loss side effects they are suggested for, warn researchers.

InterHealth: ‘We’ve been getting demand from our customers to confirm our non-GMO status’

Dietary supplement manufacturers are increasingly demanding  ingredients with confirmed non-GMO status, says InterHealth Nutraceuticals, and that demand is anticipated to rise further.

Costs, adulteration concerns making domestic botanical supply more attractive, expert says

After years of moving overseas, supply and adulteration issues have created a push to bring more botanical dietary supplement manufacturing and sourcing back to North America, says industry insider Greg...

‘Underutilized’ chokeberry accessions show potential for nutritional products

The 'unique' polyphenol profiles of underutilized species and genotypes of chokeberry may offer nutraceutical and commercial value for this emerging berry, suggests new research from the University of Connecticut.

Fortification successful for ‘near-elimination’ of folic acid anemia

Mandatory fortification of select cereal grains with folic acid has led to the ‘near eradication’ of folate-deficiency anemia, says a new study.

Coffee bioactives backed for cancer benefit: Study

Consumption of more than four cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of prostate cancer recurrence and progression, suggest researchers.

Caffeine commentary by FDA deputy commissioner called "reasonable and balanced"

The issue of caffeine in foods has gained momentum recently, with calls by political leaders to FDA to address what they consider to be a growing public health risk.  A...

Plant polyphenols may modulate microbiota: In vitro study

Bioactive compounds from black tea and grapes may help to modify the composition of our gut ecosystem, according to new research from Unilever scientists.

FDA clearly ramping up scrutiny of Indian pharma businesses

With two more warning letters sent by the US drug regulator to Indian companies for violation of acceptable manufacturing practices, America has brought to six the number of India-based drugmaking...

Color me exasperated: Aloe council responds to CSPI's 'avoid' advisory on ingredient

In an issue that seems reluctant to go away, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has put aloe vera on its “avoid” list because of a range of...

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