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AHPA tackles US Forest Service's "native plant" definition

In a bid to more effectively protect wild herbs used by the natural products industry, AHPA has found fault with the US Forest Service's definition of what constitutes a "native...

Bunge-DuPont to expand soy alliance away from food

US ingredients firms Bunge and DuPont are to expand their soybean partnership to include industrial applications and biofuels, but the development is unlikely to affect their supply to the food...

Fruit and veg juice may reduce Alzheimer's risk

Drinking three glasses of fruit or vegetable juice a week could cut the risk of Alzheimer's disease by a whopping 75 per cent, according to a population based study from...

BioGaia's drops could lower 'preemie' infections

An Italian study found Swedish biotech BioGaia's proprietary Reuteri drops reduced the infections caused by bacteria and yeast in prematurely born infants significantly more than another probiotic used - a...

Vitamin D supplements for Asian kids, say researchers

British kids of Asian origin are eight times more likely than their white counterparts to be vitamin D deficient, says a new study that is leading calls for vitamin D...

Burcon gets US patent for canola process

Burcon NutraScience has been granted a US patent for a protein extraction and purification technology it says improves protein recovery as well as the nutritional profile of protein isolates.

LycoRed strengthens US position with new plant

Israeli firm LycoRed has expanded its North American operations with new US headquarters - the latest in a series of moves and acquisitions for the ingredients manufacturer as it strengthens...

Curry favour with colorectal cancer

Dietary intake of salicylic acid from spices, herbs, vegetables and fruit, could reduce the pain of headaches and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, says a review from Scotland.

EU set to bring 'super cereal' to supermarkets

The EU is funding an innovative new research programme that could see the introduction of a highly nutritional cereal within the bloc.

Compound Sol. doles out Chinese CoQ10

Compound Solutions has entered into an exclusive agreement for distribution of Chinese-sourced CoQ10 - potentially further relieving tight supply of while generating more competition between Chinese and Japanese sources.

Soy's heart health benefits linked to blood clotting

The heart health benefits associated with soy isoflavones may be due to an affect on platelet aggregation, rather than improving classical cardiovascular risk factors, says a new study from Chile.

US enzyme market poised for continued growth

The US enzyme market is set for healthy growth, according to a new report, but continued downward pricing pressures mean that this growth will likely result from a corresponding increase...

Soft Gel introduces LycoQ

Los Angeles-based Soft Gel Technologies has paired branded proprietary ingredients Lyc-o-Mato and CoQsol in a soft gel to promote cardiovascular health and is counting on the innovative mix to drive...

Vitamin K1-rich diet linked to better heart health

A high daily intake of vitamin K1, found in green leafy vegetables, could reduce the risk of fatal coronary heart disease by 19 per cent, says a new study.

Timing is key for muscle mass supplements, suggests study

Taking creatine monohydrate and whey protein supplements just before load-bearing exercise improves muscle gain and strength than taking at other times of the day, says Australian research that has implications...

Weekly Comment

Some home-eating truths

As food manufacturers inch closer to the holy grail of low-calorie, trans-fat free flavor-fantastic products one has to ask how we veered so far from the common sense of fresh...

Pomegranate juice shows possible diabetes benefits

A new Israeli study suggests that pomegranate juice could offer health benefits for diabetics, despite the juice containing significant sugar concentrations.

More milk, cheese varieties needed to combat kid calcium deficiency

Children are not getting enough calcium in their diets, according to US dieticians, who recommend that more milk, cheese and yogurt products targeting kids would be one way to address...

Do antioxidants make tea healthier than water?

The antioxidant content of tea could mean that drinking three or more cups a day could reduce the risk of a wide range of health problems, ranging from cancer to...

Valensa offers industry free saw palmetto test

In an effort to protect the saw palmetto industry, Valensa International is offering a free saw palmetto analysis and profiling program to nutraceutical manufacturers.

Toxic weed could boost omega-3 from fish

Researchers in Australia have reported that salmon fed oil made from one of the country's most damaging noxious weeds could produce more omega-3 for human consumption.

Consumers want supplements for ailments, NMI

The use of condition-specific supplements is outpacing other supplements and consumers indicate interest in non-traditional supplement formats, according to market analyst Natural Marketing Institute (NMI).

Olive oil compound may boost antioxidant defences, says study

Tyrosol, the most abundant biophenol in olive oil, could boost a cell's antioxidant defences, despite only being a weak antioxidant itself, says new research from Italy.

Donors plug $15m into Hormel Institute

Donors have injected $15m into the Minnesota-based Hormel Institute in support of the study of food compounds to prevent cancer - a further boost for the center following discoveries on...

Flavonoid-rich GM tomatoes could boost heart health

Tomatoes genetically modified to have high flavonoid content could reduce the levels of a protein in a mouse that is associated with inflammation, diabetes and heart disease in humans, says...

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