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HMB supplements may help endurance athletes drop fat mass: Study

Daily supplements containing HMB, a metabolite of the branched chain amino acid leucine, may reduce fat mass and increase aerobic capacity in athletes training for endurance sports, says a new...

CircleUp teams up with Amazon Launchpad to boost exposure for food entrepreneurs

A new agreement between Amazon Launchpad and select CircleUp portfolio companies promises to “promote consumer discoverability”, and give entrepreneurs significant support and advice from the online retailing giant.

Operating in practitioner channel places extra premium on quality control, says Ortho Molecular exec

Doing business in the practitioner channel puts an extra burden on a supplement company, said Thomas Guilliams, PhD, of Ortho Molecular Products Inc. The reputations of the healthcare practitioners are...

Entrepreneurs bring recovery chew to market based on Kyowa Hakko branded ingredients

A pair of Denver-based entrepreneurs decided to go top shelf on ingredients to launch what they claim is the first chewable dietary supplement product in the recovery space.

News in brief

Health Canada approves BLIS K12 probiotic

Oral probiotic BLIS K12 has been approved for use in supplement products by Health Canada.

Putting the probiotics where your mouth is: Probiotics may help oral thrush

Probiotics may help older people tackle antibiotic-induced oral Candida, says industry backed research.

Elderberry reduces cold severity in air travellers: Study

Antioxidant-rich elderberry extracts can reduce the severity of colds among air travellers, Australian researchers have found.

Prebiotic boosts healthy elderly immune systems: Study

A proprietary prebiotic blend can deliver immune system benefits to the healthy elderly better than placebo, an industry-backed study in the UK has found.

News in brief

Herbalife sees another 'pyramid scheme' lawsuit dismissed

Network marketing giant Herbalife has survived another lawsuit with the dismissal of a suit that hinged on whether the company was forthright enough to investors about its business practices.

An unusual step? FDA files criminal case against supplement marketer who ignored civil contempt ruling

The Department of Justice at FDA’s behest has launched a criminal contempt action against a Montana dietary supplement marketer who continued selling misbranded supplements and unapproved drugs even after a...

Could beetroot juice help you exercise for longer?

Chronic consumption of beetroot juice may improve cardiovascular health and potentially delay the onset of fatigue in healthy people, says a new study.

NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the top stories of July 2015?

Do you know which GMO labeling bill passed the House of Representatives? Which social media platform Herbalife is requesting user information from? Or which state is an emerging hotbed for natural...

Local food movement spawns new advocacy group

Wresting local control of the food supply is an idea that continues to spawn advocacy groups.  The latest, called Local Food Shift, has cropped up in Colorado with the goal...

Is one large weekly dose of omega-3 more effective than smaller daily doses?

A big weekly dose of omega-3s may lead to greater omega-3 deposits in body tissues than smaller daily doses, says a new study from Australia.

Special Edition: Innovations in Delivery Systems

Surviving the stomach takes center stage in world of probiotic innovation

Innovation in delivery modes has been a hallmark of the probiotic space for many years. That’s because researchers saw early on that to deliver on their benefits, probiotics had to...

Control of breeding process set its pea protein apart, says World Food Processing

Iowa-based World Food Processing says its “seed-to-solution” approach sets its pea protein apart as the only such protein grown and processed in the US.

Agave extracts show ability to shift gut microbiota: Ingredion study

Prebiotic extracts from agave may shift the gut population and activity of Bifidobacterium in healthy adults, says data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Probiotics offer potential ‘safe, low cost, non-antibiotic’ strategy for infections

Clostridium difficile infections have been noted by EU and US health authorities as an ‘emerging’ healthcare threat – costing the US $1bn annually. Now, researchers preparing a pilot study are looking at whether probiotics...

Nordic Naturals: 'We see sports nutrition as a growth opportunity'

Omega-3 brand Nordic Naturals is expanding its sports nutrition offering with two new products with NSF International’s Certified for Sport Program verification.

FoodState hopes new, formalized transparency initiative can help burnish industry's image

FoodState, the maker of the MegaFood brand of whole-food vitamins, has long been an advocate of what CEO Robert Craven calls “Transparency with a capital T.”  The company has now boldfaced...

'Limited evidence' for vitamin B12 & neurological function in elderly: Oxford University review

Proof of an association between B12 status and neurological function in older people is limited, a review of 12 studies has concluded.

Amino acids may improve arterial health and blood pressure: Study

Increased intake of select amino acids may improve blood pressure and measures of arterial health in healthy women, says a new study from England.

Probiotic pair may improve lipid metabolism: Human data

Supplements containing Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601 and Lactobacillus plantarum KY1032 may reduce triglyceride levels, and improve other markers of heart health, says a new study from Korea.

Memory supplements with data to back claims should be acknowledged, says developer with 8 studies to his credit

Thomas Shea, PhD, the academic driving force behind the development of Perceptiv, a memory support dietary supplement, said he was pained to see memory support products tarred with a broad...

US consumers are pretty clueless about gluten, reveals new survey from NSF

While celiacs – by necessity – are pretty clued up about gluten, most Americans are less well-informed, with a sizable number erroneously believing rice and potatoes contain gluten, according to a...

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