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FDA faces legal challenge over selenium health claims

A court action has been lodged today which challenges the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) qualified health claims system via five disputed selenium health claims.

House passes landmark food safety bill

The US House of Representatives passed a food safety bill on Thursday that promises far-reaching reform of how food is processed and grown, intended to boost food safety and...

Study questions pomegranate supplement standardization

Standardizing pomegranate extract supplements to ellagic acid alone could be inaccurately representing their antioxidant activity and misleading consumers as to their health benefits, according to a study of commercially available...

Supplement users may have better cancer survival: Study

Lung cancer patients who were regular dietary supplement users prior to diagnosis may have better survival chances than non-users, says a new study from Norway.

Green tea may protect against blood cell cancer

Drinking five or more cups of green tea per day may reduce the risk of blood- and lymph-based cancers by about 50 per cent, says a new study from Japan.

Nutrigenomics explains omega-3’s immune health benefits

Omega-3-rich fish oil beneficially affects gene expression, says a new nutrigenomic study that enhances our understanding of the health benefits of omega-3.

Congress bills challenge FDA and FTC power

Three bills have been introduced to Congress by Republican House of Representatives member, Ron Paul, that seek to limit how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade...

SourceOne brings high potency citrus limonoids to US

SourceOne Global Partners is introducing high-potency citrus limonoids to the US market, developed using new technology that has made their production commercially viable, says the firm.

Crippling viruses threaten Michigan blueberries

The Michigan Department of Agriculture has announced that it will meet with blueberry producers to discuss ways to protect the industry after two crop-devastating viruses were detected by researchers.

News in brief

Abbott invests in growing Indian functional foods market

US pharmaceutical firm Abbott has made a significant push in the Indian nutrition market, following its acquisition this week of some of the nation’s leading infant and adult nutrition brands....

Probiotics may reduce cold and 'flu symptoms for children

A daily supplement of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains may reduce the incidence of cold and 'flu-like symptoms in children by 50 per cent, says a new study from Danisco.

L-carnitine supplementation may prevent pregnancy-related declines

Daily supplements of L-carnitine during pregnancy may reverse the decline in the nutrient’s levels that occurs naturally during pregnancy, says a new study supported by Lonza.

Pharmachem enters US probiotics market

New Jersey-based Pharmachem Laboratories has inked a deal with Italian firm, Probiotical, to exclusively supply its probiotic strains to the US market – its first move into the probiotics market.

Frutarom eyes nutricosmetics market with topical and oral use line

Frutarom is launching a line of new ingredients that aims to tap into growth in the market for formulas that provide cosmetics and supplements as combination products.

News in brief

FDA to discuss more science review at CFSAN

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Science Board will be meeting next month to discuss plans to boost the review of research at the Center for Food Safety...

Functional foods and ingredients booming in India

Despite low levels of public awareness compared to western markets, functional foods and ingredients are finding growth in areas of India, as consumers switch on to the promise of healthier...

FDA warns consumers against steroid-containing supplements

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a public health advisory warning against the use of body building products marketed as supplements but found to contain steroids.

Antioxidants from black tea may aid diabetics

Polysaccharides from black tea may blunt the spike in sugar levels after a meal more than similar compounds from green and oolong tea, and offer potential to manage diabetes, says...

Brain health ingredient switches from drug to supplement route

A Canadian pharmaceutical firm is asking the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve a new supplement ingredient, which has demonstrated brain health benefits – one year after the...

Don’t amend DSHEA, amend attitudes, says industry

Industry has defended DSHEA against a “fails to regulate” attack made by the head of the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) amid an investigation into products containing steroids being distributed to...

Act locally to tackle obesity, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a report including recommendations to help tackle obesity in the United States, with strategies to increase availability of healthier foods.

High-dose, short-term folate may cut blood pressure

A short-term, high-dose supplementation period with folate may reduce blood pressure, and improve other cardiovascular measures, suggests a small study from Italy.

Snack Size Science: Unwrapping chocolate's heart benefits

NutraIngredient’s Snack Size Science brings you the top nutrition research news every two weeks. This week we spill the beans on the potential of chocolate to lower blood pressure.


Imagining a world where we eat less meat

Cutting back meat consumption is the new darling cause of pop stars. But if necessary environmental and health goals are to be achieved, the whole supply chain needs to be...

IPA moves to Europe to be at hub of probiotics regulations

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) is relocating its headquarters to Europe, a move that comes just a few months before the group expects to be accepted into the Codex Alimentarius.

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