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Lonza reports carnitine may slow bone loss

Supplements of L-carnitine may reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women, if promising results from a rat study can be repeated in humans.

Sports supplements under fire again

The contamination of sport supplements has again come under the microscope after a high-profile Olympian tested positive to a banned substance and blamed the dietary supplements she was taking.

Omega-3s more effective for mental slowdown than Alzheimer’s: study

Brain benefits from regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids may be more pronounced in people with mild cognitive decline than people with mild Alzheimer’s: study.

Global divide over natural color regulation

In the third of a four part series on natural colors, FoodNavigator looks at the regulatory situation in the US and Europe and the challenges this poses for food manufacturers...

CRN attacks disease in GSK weight loss petition

Reclassifying weight loss claims as disease claims will unfairly "disease-ify" many health conditions, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

SunOpta announces profits for first quarter

SunOpta is catching up on filing its financial results and has announced a rise in profits in the first quarter of this year despite hefty professional fees relating to its...

Study plays up skimmed milk sports hydration boost

Skimmed milk may become an unlikely new secret weapon within an athlete's kit bag, with new research linking the product to a beneficial effect on preventing dehydration after a workout.

Avatar adds nutritional ingredients to bakery offerings

A new player in the flax omega-3 market signaled its arrival at the IFT Food Expo in New Orleans recently, as Avatar launched a series of functional food ingredients.

Omega-3-rich fish linked to better hearts in Japan

Large intakes of omega-3 fatty acids from fish may explain the low levels of heart disease in the land of the rising sun, says a new study.

Exclusive interview

Nurturing the next generation of food scientists

The number of food science graduates is falling across the globe, but measures are in place to halt the decline. Has disaster been averted? Is the industry’s future assured?

FDA survey supports low lead levels in supplements

Concerns over lead exposure for at risk groups, such as children and pregnant women, appear unfounded, according to a new survey from FDA.

Slim-Fast sales slip but brand rebuilds

The weight management sector may be booming but Unilever's flagship diet brand, Slim-Fast, is experiencing sliding sales as consumers continue to associate it with old-school dieting habits.

FMC announces latest hydrocolloid acquisition

FMC Corporation has strengthened its hold in the hydrocolloid market and entered into an agreement to acquire CoLiving Food Ingredients, based in Guangzhou, China to serve the rapidly growing dairy...

Vitamin C-rich diet may slash diabetes risk

Increased blood levels of vitamin C may reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 62 per cent, says a new study from Cambridge.


Can we believe the Danisco-Apax rumours?

Rumour, according to the Romans, is a feathered beast with a myriad eyes and tongues. Last week she went bristling through the Danish business pages, spreading the news that Danisco...

Breast milk benefits from CLA-enriched cookies, study

The consumption of food enriched with conjugated linoleic acid can increase the level of these potentially healthy fatty acids in breast milks, according to a recent study.

License opens route to fruit antioxidants through fermentation

ChromaDex has licensed the technology to manufacture compounds found in super fruits using fermentation, which will allow for in-depth research on health benefits and may open up a new, stable...

Green tea catechins go nano: study

The controlled release of green tea catechins may be achieved by encapsulated in chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles, suggests new research.

Patchy paper trail at fault in pomegranate case

A pomegranate juice manufacturer that has been ordered by a Californian court to pay $1.5m to market leader Pom Wonderful for making false and misleading claims, has highlighted supply chain...

CRN makes membership cheaper for small firms

   Supplement trade group Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is adjusting its membership costs to make membership more accessible to small and mid-size companies.

CLA achieves US approval for use in foods

Lipid Nutrition has confirmed its Clarinol conjugated linolenic acid ingredient has received approval by the US regulator to be used as an ingredient in certain foods and beverages in...

Study links low sperm with high soy consumption

A new study has found that men who consume an average of half a portion of soy products per day are more likely to have a lower concentration of sperm,...

Bilberry and pine bark combo wards off glaucoma: study

A study has found that the combination of a standardized extract of bilberry and French maritime pine bark can reduce the risk of glaucoma – news welcomed by the makers...

Danone, Yakult award probiotics science grants

The Global Probiotics Council (GPC) today announced the awardees of two new research grants, which are designed to develop understanding of the mechanistic processes that promote human health.

Food better than supplements for omega-3, says ADA

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has said that a food-based approach to receiving adequate fatty acid levels is recommended, but careful supplementation is a feasible alternative if dietary intake...

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