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Organic & Natural Health Association names board and new members

The newest trade association in the natural products industry – Organic & Natural Health Association – has named its founding members and board members.

Canadian firm to debut blended solution for vegetarian protein, fiber fortification

Canadian supplier Dealers Ingredients plans to debut its Profi one-stop solution for vegetarian protein and fiber fortification at the upcoming Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) trade show in Chicago....

NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the top stories of June 2015?

Do you know which senator(s) attempted to limit military access to dietary supplements? Which herb was as effective as Tamiflu for the early treatment of ‘flu? And how many retailers received...

Ecological characteristics of human gut still only dimly understood, researcher says

Ecological models of the human microbiome, underpinned by statistical techniques, have made significant strides over the past 15 years. But much remains to be discovered, including how to make a...

Olive leaf extract backed for ‘positive effect’ on inflammation and heart health markers

Supplementation with olive leaf extract could improve vascular functions and reduce inflammatory cytokines linked to heart disease, according to new human trial data.

A lack of leadership at FDA, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2015, and a ‘tenderized’ industry: Mister’s State of the Union

The NY AG affair has “tenderized” the dietary supplements industry in ways that other issues have not, and made it more vulnerable to other legal and regulatory attacks, said Steve Mister, president...

FDA cites 47 separate disease claims in warning letter to Wyoming firm

In another example of what can happen when the FDA steps through the doors, dietary supplement manufacturer Country Doctor Herbals has received a warning letter from the Food and Drug...

Properly prepared, herbs remain stars of immune health field, expert says

While many newer players on the scene—such as probiotics or beta glucans derived from yeast or fungi—have gotten a lot of attention for their effects on the immune system, it’s...

Cargill on Trehalose: The biggest challenge is limited awareness but every new product is helping

One year on from the ‘Taco Bell affair’ and Cargill is continuing to see growth in demand for its Trehalose additive, but the biggest challenge continues to be limited awareness...

Fatty and sugary foods linked to lower cognitive functions: Mouse data

A diet rich in fat and sugar could cause changes in the make up of our gut bacteria, which in turn lead to losses of cognitive functions, suggest researchers.

patent watch

Nestlé files patent for pregnancy probiotic

Nestlé has filed a patent for probiotics to be taken during pregnancy and lactation, which it says help reduce the risk of allergies for the infant. 

Temple Turmeric CEO: Turmeric is super-hot right now; we doubled revenues last year and expect to do the same this year

While turmeric is still a novel ingredient to many Americans, it’s only a matter of time before it moves from the niche to the mainstream of US food culture, predicts...

Sports nutrition expert's advice: Sample the sweat and don't skip the stomach

Exercise physiologist Allen Lim, PhD, the founder of sports nutrition brand Skratch Labs, learned what works to fuel athletes in the crucible of one of the most challenging endurance events...

Glico’s cyclic dextrin may outperform conventional carbs for swimming endurance: Human data

Formulating sports drinks with a highly branched cyclic dextrin may increase endurance and benefit performance in swimmers, says a study from Japan.

O-3 coalition names science board to boost credibility, help maintain momentum

The Omega 3 Coalition, a group formed to support the positive messaging to the public around the cardiovascular disease benefits of the ingredients, has formed a scientific advisory council, it...

Nutrinsic has long term plan to enter food, supplement markets with protein produced from waste steams

Nutrinsic, a company that uses microbes to produce protein from food production waste streams, has a long term plan to enter the food and supplement markets with its product it...

New liposome manufacturer says process is more 'natural,' needing no added heat, pressure or solvents

A new supplier of liposomal delivery systems has entered the market based on a ‘more natural’ approach the assembly of these structures, the founder said.

Resveratrol may turn white fat into ‘healthier’ brown-like fat

Resveratrol, a polyphenol from grapes and red wine, may convert excess white fat into calorie-burning brown-like fat, suggests a new study from Washington State University.

DGAC defends the scientific basis of its recommendation, fights back against limiting legislation

Members of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee uncharacteristically fight back against criticism of its recommendations and ask Congress to drop proposed legislation that would effectively block regulators from acting...

How effective is fortifying flour at reducing anaemia?

Fortifying flour with micronutrients is effective in decreasing national prevalence of anaemia, say researchers who looked at 32 different countries.

Tangerine tomatoes beat red variety for lycopene bioavailability

Lycopene from tangerine tomato juice is about 8.5 times more bioavailable than lycopene from red tomato juice, says a new study from The Ohio State University.

Probiota Americas

New gut models facilitating microbiome research

The understanding of what happens within the human digestive system has always been hampered by the inability to observe that system in action, leave alone the imperfect understanding of one...

Higher insurance limit requirements becoming industry-wide trend, broker says

Distributors across the dietary supplement and natural products businesses are requiring higher liability insurance limits for their suppliers. That’s the bad news; the good news is that the insurance is...

Medical Nutrition

Tailored gut microbiota holds promise for lethal ammonia in liver disease: Mouse data

Altering the bacterial make-up of the gut could help to reduce potentially lethal high circulating levels of ammonia in people with liver disease, say researchers.

FDA outlines when firms do not need to label major food allergens

Manufacturers do not need to label major food allergens if they can prove to FDA prior to distribution that the production process eliminates allergenic proteins from the product or that...

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