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Appetite-suppressing C. fimbriata extract (Slimaluma) gets ‘comprehensive’ safety support

The safety of appetite suppressing Caralluma fimbriata extracts are further supported with the publication of data from ‘comprehensive safety assessments’, say scientists.

Sustainability review helps Stratum take new view of partnerships

Stratum Nutrition’s parent company Novus International has released its fifth annual sustainability report, detailing how the company is meeting its triple bottom line goals. One of results is that the...

Green tea shows benefits for blood sugar management: Meta-analysis

Consuming green tea may improve blood sugar management, according to a meta-analysis of 17 randomized clinical trials.

Herbalife boosts monitoring of products throughout life cycle

Vasilios (Bill) Frankos, PhD and Andrew Shao, PhD are, in a way,  the alpha and omega of network marketing giant Herbalife’s increasingly sophisticated commitment to the scientific backing, quality and...

Omega-3 DHA’s brain health benefits may emerge in later childhood

The potential brain health benefits of increased intake of DHA at birth may take several years to emerge, according to data from a small cohort of children.

News in brief

PL Thomas and Nattopharma reforge past links to promote vitamin K2

Old vitamin K links have been reforged as NattoPharma ASA and PL Thomas Inc., announce a new strategic alliance to promote the patented MenaQ7 Crystals Natural Vitamin K2 in the...

HPN's new product with Chromadex’s Niagen targets neuroprotection for contact sports

The first product containing Chromadex’s Niagen-branded nicotinamide riboside ingredient is being launched by High Performance Nutrition (HPN) to support neuroprotection in contact sports.

Probiotics have no benefit for IBS, finds new RCT data

Consumption of a probiotic containing functional food product has no clinical benefits for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) when compared to a placebo treatment, according to new clinical trial...

Daily iron supplement improves baby birth weight, meta-analysis confirms

Taking a daily iron supplement during pregnancy is directly associated with significant increases in birth weight and a reduction in risk of maternal anaemia and low birth weight babies, according...

Herbalife bolsters science staff with hire of AHPA's Dentali

Herbalife, the global direct selling nutritional products giant, continues to bolster its scientific staff with the addition of Steven Dentali, PhD, who is taking on the newly created role of...

Kemin targets sports nutrition products with tea polyphenols

Sports nutrition formulations have a new option for products targeting exercise recovery as Kemin introduces a proprietary formula of polyphenols to help overcome soreness and fatigue.

Vitamin B6 linked to DNA protection: Study

Increased levels of vitamin B6 are associated with less damage to DNA for men, suggests new data from Japan.

Water soluble vitamin K2 form targets ‘significant demand for K2 in food products, especially beverages’

A new water soluble vitamin K2 powder could satisfy the demand for vitamin K2 in food and beverage products, with the suppliers stating that the ingredient has ‘no organoleptic impact...

SPECIAL FEATURE: Who is best qualified to provide nutrition counseling? RDs? MDs? a CNS? You or me?

Who is best qualified to provide nutritional counseling? A registered dietitian? A medical doctor? A nutritionist? A nutrition scientist? A sports scientist? You or me?

Special edition: Going non-GMO in supplements

The non-GMO food and supplement category is the fastest growing sector in the entire natural products industry, with non-GMO product sales recently surpassing $3.5 billion. This figure will surely grow...

Timing is everything: Calcium and vitamin D supplements before exercise may aid bone responses

When it comes to helping keep bones healthy during exercise, the timing of calcium and vitamin D supplementations may just as important as the amount taken, according to new research.

Hard physical work? Amino acid may offer relief, suggests data from Antarctica

Daily supplements of the amino acid ornithine may improve sleep disturbances associated with hard physical work, says new data from the Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition.

ORAC's tarnished reputation doesn't diminish polyphenols' health benefits, expert says

It has been almost a year since United States Department of Agriculture took down its ORAC database.  Now that this official reference point is gone, does this measure of antioxidant...

Multivitamin trial suggests some benefits for mood and wellbeing

Daily intake of a multivitamin supplement may have some beneficial effects on stress, anxiety and physical fatigue, according to new trial data.

Maker of muscle supp from eggs seeks to grow market with study on women

MYOS Corporation is seeking to expand applications for its signature muscle-growth supplement from fertilized hens eggs with a new clinical trial that aims to investigate the product’s performance among women....

Do cranberry’s urinary tract benefits start in the gut?

The potential gut health benefits of berries offer fruitful research area

Hippocrates once said, ‘All disease starts in the gut’, and the potential for berry compounds to influence the gut microbiota and positively impact human health is only beginning to be...

News in brief

More DMAA products come off market

Beta Labs, a dietary supplements distributor and retailer, has recalled four sports supplement products that contain DMAA. The company said it initiated the recall after “a review of recent FDA...

Nestlé: ‘Our animal testing has nothing to do with superfoods or health claims’

Nestlé has defended its animal testing practices against a damning report that said large food companies were unnecessarily using animals to test functional food health benefits to save time and money....

News in brief

InterHealth’s UC-II ‘safe and effective’ for supporting joint health

Supplements of InterHealth Nutraceuticals undenatured type II collagen UC-II may improve joint flexibility as assessed by knee extension, compared to placebo, says a new study.

FDA seizes DMAA-containing supplements from GNC warehouse

The Food and Drug Administration moved today to seize more than 1,500 cases of supplements that contain DMAA from a Pennsylvania warehouse belonging to GNC Holdings, Inc.

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