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Higher selenium levels linked to lower diabetes risk: Harvard study

Increased levels of selenium in the body may be associated with a 25% reduction in the risk of type-2 diabetes, says a new study from Korea and Harvard.

Prebiotics may enhance magnesium uptake from diet: Rat data

Prebiotic fibers may enhance the absorption and retention in rats, suggests new data from Purdue University with implications for bone health in postmenopausal women.

The Popeye myth? New findings suggest how spinach increases muscle power

Nitrate-rich vegetables, such as spinach, could have a ‘powerful effect’ on boosting muscle strength by increasing the levels of certain proteins, according to new research in mice.

June in pictures: The ORAC debate, stem cell nutrition and Olympic dreams

USPLabs hit back at DMAA critics, USDA quietly removed its online ORAC database and the FDA unveiled plans to re-issue a draft of its much-maligned draft guidance - all in...

IFT 2012: Day three in pictures. From high oleic soy to 'toxic' sugar...

Sleep deprived but indefatigable, the FoodNavigator-USA team powered through day three of the IFT show in Las Vegas, meeting experts on sugar metabolism, natural colors, high oleic cooking oils, immune...

Industry champion Hatch wins Utah republican primary

The dietary supplements industry in Utah and beyond has welcomed Sen. Orrin Hatch’s victory in his state's republican primary.

Study unlocks cholesterol-lowering activity of blueberry

The potential cardiovascular benefits of blueberry may be related to the berries’ anthocyanins interacting with bile acids to promote cholesterol reduction, suggests data from a study with hamsters.

Common dietary fibres may alter gut bacteria composition: Study

Consumption of common dietary fibres may promote beneficial shifts in gut bacteria that may lead to better intestinal health, suggesting the fibres may have prebiotic applications, say researchers.

IFT 2012: Day two in pictures. From whole algalin flour to the next generation of hot flavors

Day two of the IFT annual meeting and expo in Las Vegas, and the FoodNavigator-USA team was still standing (just about), roaming the aisles in search of innovation, inspiration (and...

Is new geranium analysis the ‘final nail in the DMAA coffin’?

Controversial ingredient DMAA is not detectable in plant material and oil from geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), says a new analysis that has been hailed as the ‘final coffin nail in the...

IFT 2012: Day one in pictures. From Ingredion to Elvis...

The IFT annual meeting and expo in Las Vegas started as it meant to go on, with inspirational speeches from Starbucks boss Howard Schultz and PepsiCo's R&D chief Dr Mehmood...

Cinnamon again linked to improved blood sugar control for diabetics: Support from China

Supplements of a cinnamon extract may help control blood sugar, as well as benefiting triglyceride levels in Chinese people with type-2 diabetes, says a new study.

Australian research says no conclusive evidence krill harvesting harms predators

Research out of Australia has found “insufficient” evidence that krill harvesting is damaging Antarctic, land-based predator populations like seals and penguins.

Green tea extract shows extensive health benefits for obese hypertensives: Human study

Extracts from green tea may lead to improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and markers of inflammation, says a new study from Poland with obese hypertensives.

IPA hails ‘huge move forward’ in NDI draft guidance revision

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) has hailed the announcement that FDA is revisiting its controversial new dietary ingredient (NDI) draft guidance, but has warned that more work is required.

Vitamin D tests ‘often’ inaccurate, say researchers

Inaccuracies in vitamin D blood tests may be confounding efforts to establish optimal recommended levels for health, warn researchers.

News in brief

UAS Labs’ Dr Dash to outline probiotic selection criteria at probiotic conference

Genetic techniques and in vitro testing should form the basis of all probiotic selection testing, says UAS Labs Dr S.K. Dash, ahead of a the upcoming International Probiotic Conference 2012...

Cyanotech posts 46% hike in sales driven by strong demand for astaxanthin

Hawaii-based microalgae specialist Cyanotech has posted a 46% hike in revenues in fiscal year 2012 to $24.63m driven primarily by an increase in demand for the potent red antioxidant astaxanthin.

Big Interview: Peter Haferman, president, Improve USA

Improve USA: Aloe is already the biggest botanical on the planet, but it’s about to get even bigger…

It might be gracing the functional beverages aisles in Costco and Trader Joe’s, but if you “ask Joe in the street what Aloe Vera is, he’ll still say it’s something...

Apple peel compound may offer obesity promise

Ursolic acid from apple peels could help to fight obesity by increasing calories burned, according to new research in mice.

Monounsaturated dressings are best for salad nutrient absorption, says study

The type of fat used in dressings has a major impact on how well nutrients are absorbed from salads, according to new research.

US market can support ‘at least 1,100’ Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage stores, says IPO filing

The US market can support at least 1,100 Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage stores, claimed the Colorado-based retailer as it outlined plans to raise up to $115m in an initial...

Neptune secures US $25m in new orders for 2013 as Asian krill oil demand takes off

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has secured “new and firm orders amounting to US$25M for calendar year 2013” for its krill oil, driven by strong demand from Asia.

When will the healthy blood sugar supplement market take off?

We’ve been telling people to lose weight, eat more complex carbs and do more exercise for years to get their blood sugar under control, says NutraBridge president Scott Steil. “But...

News in brief

Biothera’s Wellmune used in bread of Canadian retailer

Canadian food store chain Metro has introduced a new bread range containing immune health ingredient Wellmune WGP.

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