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The food industry after Lisbon

In the face of another rejection of a European Union treaty, the bloc's food industry has one glaring path ahead: business as normal.

Food industry gathers for annual IFT expo

Experts have gathered for the Institute of Food Technologist 2008 Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans to share research and discuss the current status of food science and technology.

Cyanotech outlines more cost-reductions as challenges continue

Microalgae supplier Cyanotech said it will focus on improving cultivation yields, reducing supply chain costs and expanding product lines as it emerges from a difficult fiscal 2008.

DHA boosts childrens' brain power, says Martek

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake can improve mental acuity among pre-school children, according to a Martek BioSciences-funded study.

Supplier sued over fake hoodia

The quality of the hoodia gordonii supply chain has once again been brought into question after a Kansas-based contract manufacturer sued one of its suppliers for selling fake material.

Blending cardiology with cooking

If heart healthy jambalaya sounds too good to be true, think again. Careful selection of ingredients can make any food heart healthy, without affecting the flavor, says Dr Richard Collins,...

Brands not communicating benefits, say healthcare professionals

The majority of healthcare professionals feel that food companies do not provide enough information about their products for consumers to make healthy purchase decisions, according to a recent survey.

Probiotic supplements target Chinese consumers

A Chinese probiotics specialist is hoping to tap China's burgeoning middle class by inking a deal that will see its specialist probiotic strains used in a range of dietary supplements.

NutraCea takes rice bran oil production to China

NutraCea has announced plans to construct the largest rice bran oil refinery in the world, a move that comes just months after the firm entered the edible oil market.

Omega-3 ALA: Industry reacts to review

Following publication of a review that said the omega-3 from plant sources, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), has been overlooked and misunderstood, industry sources have reacted.

Decas brings high fiber superfruit to US market

Dried fruit supplier Decas Cranberry Products has added the uchuva fruit to its ingredient portfolio, which the firm says will provide food manufacturers with a new way to add fiber...

Broccoli and co may protect women from diabetes

An increased intake of green leafy vegetables may reduce the risk of women developing type-2 diabetes, suggests a new study from New Orleans.

Omega-3 ALA - overlooked and misunderstood?

With marine omega-3 EPA and DHA often stealing the spotlight, ALA from plants has been somewhat ignored, but a new review reinforces ALA's unique and valuable benefits.

IOM highlights supplement needs of military

A new report on supplement use by military personnel suggests that a systematic framework needs to be set up in order to examine the group's specific needs and ensure the...

Cactus pricks pomegranate market with peel extract

Cactus Botanics has joined the rush to expand superfruits beyond the juice category by launching a pomegranate peel extract.

Bergstrom brings MSM to joint health foods

Ingredient firm Bergstrom Nutrition has said that its MSM joint health ingredient has received GRAS status, opening up the market for its use in food and beverage products.

New Promitor product adds to fiber-enriched options

Tate & Lyle has developed a new soluble corn fiber in its Promitor line, expanding the toolkit at manufacturers' disposal for easy formulation of products with added fiber.

Fortified cheese as good as supplements for vitamin D: study

Eating cheese fortified with vitamin D results in the same blood rises in the vitamin as from supplements, reports new research from Canada.

Omega-3 boosts satiety during weight loss: study

Obese people receiving supplements of omega-3 fatty acids while following a weight loss programme experienced a feeling of fullness for longer, says a new study.

US data reveal 24m diabetes sufferers

Twenty-four million Americans - or 8 percent of the total US population - currently suffer from diabetes, according to the latest government statistics released yesterday.

Probiotic criteria crucial for product quality, hears industry

The lack of a legal definition for the term 'probiotic' makes it crucial for US food and beverage manufacturers to meet certain criteria that would ensure the efficacy of their...

New sweetener to hit market hungry for alternatives

An ingredients company has developed a new natural sweetener that it claims tastes like cane sugar and is expected to rival products such as stevia.

Study backs dried plums for stronger bones

Polyphenol-rich dried plums may boost bone strength and density by up-regulating growth factors linked to bone formation, reports a new study from the US.

More vitamin D for fewer heart-related deaths: study

People with low blood levels of vitamin D are more than twice as likely to die from cardiovascular disease as those with high levels, suggests a new study.

Natreon leverages science to boost awareness for Indian gooseberry

New Jersey-based Natreon is talking up the science behind its Indian gooseberry ingredient, as the company aims to leverage solid science for awareness.

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