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Low B6 intake linked to colorectal cancer study

Low intake of vitamin B6 may increase a man's risk of colorectal cancer by 31 per cent, suggests a study from Japan.

Shuster Labs offers testing for Chinese sourcing

Yet another company is promoting its ability to help dietary supplement manufacturers ensure their imported ingredients are safe, following safety issues with products of Chinese origin.

Advitech enters France and Belgium via pharma

Canadian supplier Advitech has announced it is taking its psoriasis product Dermylex to France and Belgium through a distribution agreement with a pharmaceutical corporation, Iprad Santé S.A.

Roasted soybean targets 'beany-free' snacks

A roasted soybean, made from a newly-available soybean variety, claims to allow snack manufacturers to develop products with less of a beany taste.

Probiotics may cut diarrhoea amongst the elderly

Probiotic-containing drinks may help reduce diarrhoea among older people receiving antibiotics, reports new research that could offer savings to public health services.

Guest article

IP enforcement and how to corner the market

Several recent Supreme Court decisions relative to patent issues have generated media attention and will have implications for nutraceutical companies seeking to protect their technologies.

Sea buckthorn may cut inflammation, CVD

Regular consumption of sea buckthorn berries reduced levels of a protein that is associated with inflammation, diabetes and heart disease, say Finnish scientists.

Cranberries may fight ulcer-causing bacteria in humans

Cranberry juice may enhance the power of antibiotics to clear the stomach of women of a bacteria known to cause ulcers and cancer, new research reports.

Codex to consider international food safety standards

International food safety standards on fish, eggs and infant formulas are likely to be adopted next week at the annual meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

How media has announced the arrival of our GMPs

The announcement that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements have finally arrived is having a ripple effect across industry itself, but what is perhaps less expected is the relatively...

Long-term vision for vitamin C and diabetic eye health?

Long-term supplementation with vitamin C may one day help prevent diabetic retinopathy, the most common diabetic eye disease, if preliminary results from animals can be reproduced in humans.

USP calls for caution on black cohosh and green tea extracts

The US Pharmacopeia (USP) is asking manufacturers to label dietary supplements containing green tea extracts and black cohosh with a cautionary statement for liver damage.

LycoRed launches value-added dried tomatoes

Israeli manufacturer LycoRed is launching a new addition to its Lyc-O-Mato line of antioxidant ingredients.

Blueberries may reduce Alzheimer risk

Eating a diet rich in blueberries may reduce the severity of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or cognitive disorders relating to ageing, if results from an animal study can be...

Frutarom USA launches salvia seed omega-3

Frutarom is bringing its plant-based omega-3 ingredient line to the US where it says ALA is not getting enough attention.

Burcon incurs protein R&D expenses in fiscal 06

Based on its year end results, Burcon NutraScience Corporation is still incurring expenses in what has been a lengthy process of bringing its protein ingredients closer to market.

Nutracea signs Southeast Asian joint venture

Nutracea is taking its stabilized rice bran to Southeast Asia through an Indonesian industrialist it says is affiliated with a large wheat milling operation in the region - PT Panganmas...

Fish omega-3 linked to lower prostate cancer risk

Higher intake of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) may cut the risk of developing prostate cancer by 40 per cent, says a new study...

Cinnamon again linked to better blood sugar

Using cinnamon as a functional ingredient may lead to slower emptying of the stomach and reduce the rise in blood sugar after eating, says a new study.

Weekly comment

Clinical trials - gold standard or white elephant?

Randomised clinical trials are the ultimate. Forget what the observational studies tell us, if the RCT gives us an answer it must be the final word, right? Wrong.

GMPs could force manufacturers to clean-up

On Friday, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued the final rule on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which some say is the most important regulatory development for the dietary...

Echinacea effective against colds - review

Taking the herbal Echinacea may cut the risk of catching the common cold by almost 60 per cent, suggests a new study from the US.

Capsugel says new Licap suited to supplements

Capsule maker Capsugel has announced the launch of a new larger liquid capsule it says is particularly suited to the dietary supplement industry.

Omega-3 eyed for retina protection

Omega-3 fatty acids may protect our eyes against the development and progression of retinopathy, a deterioration of the retina, is results from a mice study can be translated to humans.

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