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B vitamins fail to slow cognitive decline, says study

Daily supplements of B vitamins for people with high homocysteine levels do not affect cognitive performance compared to placebo, says a new study from New Zealand.

AOAC to update industry on analytical methods

AOAC, the not-for-profit organisation contracted by NIH Office of Dietary Supplements to develop validated analytical methods, will give an update of progress on key ingredients at NNFA.

Nutrition Formulators develops dissolving supplements for less

Nutrition Formulators has developed a new orally dissolving tablet for nutraceuticals, which could help companies attract customers who avoid taking daily supplements because they have an aversion to swallowing pills...

Milk thistle compound could protect against lung cancer

A flavanone compound in milk thistle, silibinin, stopped lung cancer growth and spread in mice, says research from the University of Colorado.

Guest article

Proprietary technology and the business transaction

With the present shift in the nutraceuticals industry toward more R&D investments, companies are required to give more serious thought to protecting their proprietary technology in business transactions. There are...

Soy isoflavones could improve mood, mental function

Isoflavones from soy could help preserve cognitive function and mood in post-menopausal women, according to Italian researchers.

LycoRed enters the US premix market

LycoRed Corp is taking on the US vitamin and mineral premix market, drawing on five years' experience in Europe to garner opportunities in the US market as fortification grows beyond...

Hibiscus extract could protect heart, suggests lab study

An extract from the flower of the hibiscus plant prevented oxidation of LDL-cholesterol that contributes to hardening of blood vessels and heart disease, says research from Taiwan.

Bunge targets snack bar makers with protein enhancement system

Leading oilseed producer Bunge has developed a new process to incorporate protein into candy bars, which the company claims does not have a negative impact on the product's texture and...

Origo identifies dairy cholesterol inhibitor

Start-up Origo Biosciences has discovered the presence of an anti-cholesterol immunoglobulin in milk and is investigating its commercialisation as an ingredient for functional foods that may, one day, give plant...

Vitamin K focus

Strong support for vitamin K's bone health benefits

Increased intake of vitamin K, both from diet and supplements, has a significant impact on bone health and "striking" reductions in hip fractions, says a new meta-analysis.

Competition drives partnerships in omega-3 market

Puleva Biotech has signed an agreement with US-based The Wright Group for its Eupoly fish oils to be used in a new line of microencapsulated powders, becoming the latest supplier...

Cargill develops fiber-rich crispy ingredient

Cargill has developed a new fiber-rich ingredient that resembles a rice crisp, targeting food makers' needs for pleasingly textured, taste-free fiber ingredients in mainstream foods.

Congress members badger FDA over GMPs

The long-running push for dietary supplement good manufacturing practices (GMP) has taken a new twist, as members of Congress sent letters to the FDA expressing hope that they will be...

ONC recovers from fire, ramps up capacity

Ocean Nutrition has restored its spray drying capabilities at its facility in Arcadia, Wisconsin, following a fire in October 2005, and is ramping up production at its Dartmouth plant with...

ADM wheat protein ingredient to bind health bars

ADM is targetting the burgeoning healthy snacks market, launching a wheat protein isolate that mimics the properties of sugar as a binder in reduced sugar applications.

National Starch features soluble fiber for beverages at IFT

Adding fiber to beverages, dairy products and soups is a major focus for ingredients giant National Starch, which is featuring a water soluble fiber product at the ongoing IFT food...

Low carb diet could benefit obese diabetics, says study

Sticking to a low-carbohydrate diet with some limits of calories has long-term benefits on body weight and blood sugar levels, says a new study from Sweden, but a leading diabetes...

More support for olive polyphenol in bone health

The olive polyphenol, oleuropein, reduces bone loss in a rat model of osteoporosis, say researchers at France's INRA, as science continues to accumulate linking the olive extract with bone health.

Kellogg takes healthy products into pharmacy aisle

Kellogg's health and wellness division is about to birth its first products: protein-fortified waters, snack bars and meal bars that will take the Special K brand out of cereals and...

Fuji reformulates AstaREAL for vegetarians

Fuji Health Sciences has reformulated its AstaREAL powder to exclude components of animal origin - a move that will open up more uses of the ingredient in supplements that are...

PLT hires rabbi for kosher policosanol evaluation

PL Thomas is now offering kosher-certified policosanol, meeting growing demand from nutraceutical manufacturers for these ingredients.

Daidzein from soy linked to heart health benefits

Increasing levels of daidzein, an isoflavone found in soy, have been linked to significant improvements in cholesterol levels and could boost heart health, says a new study.

Omega-3s may help depressive kids - pilot study

Increasing omega-3 intake from the diet or supplements may help depressive kids, reports a pilot study for the first time.

More support for omega-3 calming ADHD kids

Supplements of omega-3 and omega-6 improved the attention span and hyperactivity scores of young Australians, and was rated better than the common medication Ritalin.

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