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Experience as a customer helps CEO grow contract manufacturing company

For a contract manufacturer, formulation expertise, a good story on GMP compliance and robust relationships with ingredient suppliers are all good and necessary things to have.  But none of it...

News in brief

NutraClick CEO named as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 finalist in New England

Daniel Wallace, CEO of Boston, MA-based NutraClick, has been selected as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Award in the New England Region.

‘The best way we can earn consumer trust is to give consumers more information’: IFOS expands services, launches new website

Consumer demands for more information and greater transparency are being met by a growing number of certifications in the dietary supplement and natural products industry. One such standard - the...

Patent protection, robust ingredient helps Ganeden push probiotics into coffees, teas

The robust nature of its ingredient, along with a hefty helping of IP proctection, has helped Ganeden Biotech push probiotics into teas and coffees, realms rarely thought of as a...

Mulberry extract suggests antioxidant and anti-diabetic effect: Rat study

Mulberry leaves could modify glucose metabolism in diabetic rats, but such effects may depend on the extraction process used, say researchers.

News in brief

ChromaDex signs marketing deal with consulting firm

ChromaDex Corp. has announced a sales and marketing arrangement with Joy’s Quality Management Services. The deal will allow ChromaDex to further offer ‘one stop shop’ GMP service to clients, according...

‘One of the most exciting ingredients we’ve seen in the omega-3 category’: Xsto welcomes Qualitas’ algae-derived ingredient to its portfolio

Finished products containing Qualitas Health’s Almega PL omega-3 ingredient will hit the shelves this summer, with a new partnership with Xsto Solutions designed to increase sales reach within the US....

Dispactches from Vitafoods Europe 2014

Diet and cancer: Polyphenol trial data suggests significant clinical benefit for prostate cancer

A polyphenol-rich supplement containing broccoli, green tea, tumeric, and pomegranete - a combination known  as pomi-t - could have significant clinical benefits for men with prostate cancer, according to new...

Tangled Chinese regs cost US supplement firms $8 billion in lost exports, report says

China’s confusing thicket of regulations has some real costs for American dietary supplement companies.  A report from an industry association has calculated the costs of those regulations in terms of...

Buffering action helps solve iron taste/absorption dilemma, Albion says

Experience with its no-taste iron ingredient in Guatemala led Albion Minerals to an expanded view of the formulation’s capabilities, said Max Motyka, the director of Albion’s human products division....

Special edition: Eye health

Meso-zeaxanthin: Where do we stand on the eye health sector’s controversial and emerging ingredient?

It’s a controversial topic with the science still emerging but is an inadequate understanding and premature conclusions clouding the potential of meso-zeaxanthin?

More than half of supplement users rely on doctors for advice on how to use products, survey finds

More than half of supplement users rely on their doctors for information on what products to use and how to use them, according to a new survey by the Council...

Special edition: Eye health

Are doctors seeing the preventative eye health potential of carotenoids?

Carotenoids like lutein are well-documented to boost eye health yet the approach of the medical fraternity and some regulators lacks vision when it comes to prevention, says a leading professor...

News in brief

CRN membership grows with four new members

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has added four new companies to its membership roster, taking its total membership to 143.

Serial killer’s creatine use no link to ‘roid rage’

The European sports nutrition sector has defended EU-backed creatine after a friend of Elliot Rodger, the Brit who killed six people at the weekend in California, said the 22-year-old was...

NutraIngredients-USA: What’s on our editorial calendar for 2014?

From polyphenols to nutrigenomics and the opportunities in personalized nutrition, the latest trends in probiotics, sports nutrition, and Latin America, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2014 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest...

News in brief

CRN urges manufacturers to revisit formulas in wake of call for more iodine for pregnant women

The recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizing the vital role of iodine in the development of infants’ nervous systems is encouraging news, according to the Council for Responsible...

Special edition: eye health

Lutein DRI: ‘A substantial undertaking but an opportunity for industry and the scientific community to work together’

Despite a substantial body of science supporting the eye health of lutein, a DRI (dietary reference intakes) for lutein is still many years away, say experts.

‘A basis for the future selection of probiotics’: Study shows how gut bacteria communicate with host to regulate weight

Bacteria in the gut may regulate weight gain and serum cholesterol levels by producing proteins that modify bile acids in the intestine, says a new study with implications for probiotics.

Backbone structure to help differentiate Marinol omega-3 ingredient, Stepan says

Stepan Lipid Nutrition is bringing its Marinol omega-3 fish oil ingredient to the North American market for the first time since the company acquired the ingredient in 2011. Competing in...

Neptune shuffles management suite after recapitalization, continued losses

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources is remaking its management team as the company nears reentry into the krill oil marketplace as a producer.  Longtime chief executive officer Henri Harland is out,...

Stressed? Try some dark chocolate, say Swiss scientists

Fifty grams of dark chocolate a couple of hours before a stressful event may blunt the rise in stress hormones, says a new study from Switzerland.

NIU's Cognitive Health Forum: 'The key is to not have ingredients that stimulate other areas of the body that are not needed for performance'

Cognitive health formulations must be driven by mechanisms of action, and with cognition being a lifelong issue with many aspects to consider the possibilities are impressive and continually developing, according...

Meso-zeaxanthin is pharma and needs holistic research beyond eye health, says expert

The meso-zeaxanthin cartenoid is a synthetic, quasi pharmaceutical that needs holistic research on whole body affects, says an eye health researcher.

Low glycaemic carbohydrate enhances mood and memory in older adults: Study

Lower glycaemic load (GL) meals have been shown to benefit cognition and mood in young people, and now a new study has found that Beneo’s low glycaemic carbohydrate Palatinose (isomaltulose)...

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