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Resveratrol-rich grape extract shows cardio benefits: Study

Consumption of a resveratrol-rich grape extract may protect vascular health from detrimental effects of a high fat diet, according to a new study with pigs.

Low vitamin D levels linked to mobility difficulties for the elderly

Insufficient vitamin D levels may increase the risk of developing mobility limitations and disability for older people, suggest new data from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Beta-glucan ingredient may boost immune function for marathon runners

Daily supplements of the beta-glucan based ingredient Wellmune WGP may reduce the number of days with upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptom, says a new study from the University of...

Vitamin D: Is there such a thing as too much?

Very high levels of vitamin D could be associated with similar risks as very low levels, according to new research that questions the notion that ‘you can never get too...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Pure chemistry: BASF Nutrition plots nutrition course with 'Cognis inside'

BASF’s nutrition activities got a lot bigger in 2010 when the chemicals giant paid €3 billion for Cognis Nutrition. With the integration mostly complete, what’s up front for BASF Human...

ISSFAL 2012 - All the news, as it happened

The 10th Congress of the ISSFAL was held in Vancouver, Canada. Experts from the world of omega-3s, fatty acids and lipids congregated for five days of presentation and discussion of the...


EndoSeaRch: A new way to modify gut health?

A new approach to modifying gut bacteria via orally delivered minerals has been gaining a lot of interest from probiotics players, says Aquapharm.

Friends of the Sea backs old and new krill players

Sustainable seafood NGO Friends of the Sea (FOS) has backed the oldest and biggest krill oil supplier, Canadian krill player Neptune Technologies and Bioressources, along with the newest player in...

B vitamins may reduce stroke risk: Meta-analysis

Supplements of B vitamins may reduce the risk of stroke by about 12%, according to a new meta-analysis published in Clinical Nutrition.


Safety & efficacy – The industry’s mission statement in two small words

Company mottos and mission statements are marvelous – they talk about lofty goals, commitments to people and the environment, and leaving the planet a better place than how they found...

Dietary magnesium may lower risk of death from heart disease

Increased intakes of magnesium in the diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by about 50%, suggest new results from Japan.

Beyond ORAC in an overcrowded antioxidant market: The evolution of Oligonol

While Maypro Industries can reel off impressive ORAC scores for its polyphenol-packed ingredient Oligonol, its true potential has started to emerge in more specific areas such as sports recovery and...

Spanish research team look to develop healthy ‘traditional’ breads

Traditional unprocessed breads could be about to get a health kick from Spanish researchers, who are investigating ways to produce bakery products with high levels of omega-3 and fibre.

"Results that cannot be ignored"

Selenium + CoQ10 supplements may slash cardiovascular mortality: RCT

Long-term supplementation with a combination of selenium and co-enzyme Q10 may decrease cardiovascular mortality by about 6%, according to a new study from Sweden with 'results that cannot be ignored'.

Study links calcium supplements to doubling of heart attack risk

Researchers have warned that calcium supplements should be ‘taken with caution’ after new findings suggested consumption of the supplements could double the risk of heart attack incidence.

Chocolate fails to improve motor function despite increased consumption by Parkinson’s sufferers

Dark chocolate and cocoa ingredients do not improve motor function for those with Parkinson’s disease despite increased consumption among those with the disease, according to a study.

Neptune posts 31% rise in nutraceutical sales in Q4 as krill oil demand grows

Canadian krill oil firm Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has posted a 31% surge in sales in its nutraceutical business in the final quarter of fiscal 2012, and a 15% rise...

Chinese sucralose supply shortage: ‘No one is coming to the plate with economical sucralose’

Firms sourcing sucralose from China are struggling to secure supplies owing to a combination of factors including rising demand as sugar prices rise, electricity shortages in southern China and tighter...

Industry enjoys ‘significant victory’ over ‘Durbin amendment’

The dietary supplements industry has hailed the defeat of Sen. Richard Durbin's controversial amendment to the pending Food and Drug Administration (FDA) User Fee Act.

News in brief

USP verifies Valensa’s Parry Organic Spirulina

Parry Organic Spirulina Ingredient becomes the first spirulina to be be certified under the United States Pharmacopoeia Dietary Ingredient Verification Program (USP D-IVP), Valensa International has announced.

‘I’m off to save prostates’: POM goes on offensive with new ads post FTC ruling

POM Wonderful has gone on the offensive following a ruling on its legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from an administrative law judge (ALJ) with a bold series...

News in brief

'Cobiotics' firm secures $1.5m cash injection to support growth plans

NuMe Health - the New Orleans-based firm behind NM504, a novel ‘cobiotic’ ingredient targeting prediabetics - has secured a $1.5m cash injection to support plans to commercialize it.

Antioxidant-rich tomato paste shows cardio benefits: Study

Two weeks of supplementing the diet with a tomato paste may improve the function of blood vessels in healthy adults, says a new study from Greece.

Animal welfare group slams EU organics verdict

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has criticised the decision to recognise US organic food standards as equivalent to those in the EU.

Omega-3 chia leader: “We are running out of stock”

The South American-based chia seed leader, Benexia, says it is close to exhausting supplies as demand booms for the plant-sourced omega-3 source.

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