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Tequila plant shows prebiotic potential

Inulin extracted from Agave boosts the populations of beneficial bacteria and may represent an economically interesting alternative to chicory inulin, says a new study.


Scientific failings are the organic industry’s gain

Are organic foods healthier? The sad truth is that nearly 100,000 studies later, we just don't know. Meanwhile, this lack of certainty presents major business opportunities for the organic food industry.

Industry positive about GAO herbals report and Senate meeting

Industry has responded positively to Wednesday’s Senate meeting on food supplements for the elderly, with its concerns about the need to increase FDA funding given a good hearing along with...

Healthy tea extracts offer tasty functional beverages opportunity

High-quality, concentrated tea extracts could offer natural functionality, according to a trends report from global carton packaging and filling machines company SIG Combibloc.

Cognis comments spark €3.4bn buy-out figure

Speculation about typical asset valuing ion the chemicals industry by Cognis’s chief financial officer, Marco Panichi, has led to a figure of €3.4bn being attached to the German ingredient company,...

IPA president outlines probiotic challenges

Scott Bush, the VP of marketing, health and nutrition in Bioactives at Danisco USA, talks to Stephen Daniells about the challenges the probiotics industry faces in the form of new...

Give FDA more bite, Senate hearing told as DSHEA Implementation Bill is reintroduced

Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) chief Steve Mister will tell a Senate Special Committee on Aging meeting today that the dietary supplements industry is adequately regulated, but the FDA requires...

Novus to expand human nutrition presence with IQF Group acquisition

Specialist animal nutrition company Novus International has acquired IQF Group, a Spanish specialist in carotenoids and essential oils for food and feed, further expanding its human nutrition profile.

Scientists call on FDA’s Hamburg to update fish recommendations

“Concerned” scientists from both sides of the Atlantic are urging Margaret Hamburg for the FDA to complete its 2009 draft assessment on fish consumption for pregnant women.

Chinese demand drives BI plant expansion

Dietary supplement and functional food ingredients company, BI Nutraceuticals is adding a fifth mill at it’s Suzhou manufacturing capacity to boost output by 35 percent in response to customer demand.

Water soluble lipids offered at 1-2 cents

Illinois start-up SoluBlend Technologies has self affirmed GRAS (generally regarded as safe) for a range of lipid ingredients that its patented technology is able to convert to water solubility for...

Merck and Alliospharma target women with prebiotic

Three-year old French start-up Alliospharma is on the verge of seeing a prebiotic supplement claiming vaginosis benefits commercialised in select European Union markets after inking a deal with German pharma...

Whole grain boosts life expectancy of diabetic women: Study

Diabetic women who enjoy a diet rich in bran may live longer and be less likely to die of heart disease than those who do not, according to the results...

Polyphenol ingredient shown to modulate sugar absorption

Canadian firm innoVactiv has released the results of a new study that show its algae-based ingredient can help control the glycemic impact of sugar-containing foods.

Pfizer study supports lutein safety for infant formula

The inclusion of lutein into infant formula is safe and does not affect growth in the infants, according to a new study from Pfizer Nutrition.

Industry rallies against more FTC authority

The US dietary supplement industry is renewing campaigning efforts against a bill that could tighten legislation of their products by expanding the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) enforcement authority.

Researcher calls for stimulant herb rethink

US researchers have highlighted increasing numbers of adverse events for products containing extracts of the yohimbe herb which is sold in both the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical channels.

UAS promotes synbiotic blends

Minnesota-based probiotics specialist UAS laboratories is promoting four specialist blends utilizing a range of its proprietary probiotic strains and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Fruit and veg advice gets nutrigenomic boost

Increased intakes of fruit and vegetables may decrease markers of inflammation linked to a range of chronic diseases, says a new study from Spain.


Realistic prices needed for European food stability and to safeguard society

Please: A big round of applause for Jozsef Kapuvári. Who? You might well ask. Kapuvári is the author of an EU report that highlights the importance of realistic food prices...

News in brief

Soy boosts curcumin bioavailability, says Indena

Italian herbal extracts supplier Indena says soy phosphatidylcholine can boost the bioavailability of curcumin, a typically stubborn nutrient that studies have linked to bone health and inflammation benefits.

Bilberry-pine bark mix shows eye health benefits

Daily supplements of a blend of a bilberry extract and an extract from French maritime pine bark may lower the pressure in the eye and boost overall ocular health, says...

Trade groups unite to produce CoA guideline

Five major dietary supplement trade associations have published Certificate of Analysis (CoA) guidance to help suppliers meet GMP requirements after several collaborating on the project.

Valensa debuts eye health formulation

Valensa is promoting a blend of astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin aimed at the eye health market that has been inspired by the results of an Italian study into Age Related...

Probiotics again show potential for IBS relief

Daily supplements of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v may reduce the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) like abdominal pain and bloating, says new research from Institut Rosell.

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