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DSM debuts Fabuless in North America

DSM Nutritional Products has taken its clinically-backed, branded weight management ingredient, Fabuless, into the US for the first time in a one-shot drink.

Beta-carotene effective as sunburn protector: meta-analysis

Oral supplements of beta-carotene may protect against sunburn, and the longer the supplementation period the greater the protection, says a new meta-analysis.

Flavonoids linked to lung cancer protection amongst smokers: study

The risk of lung cancer amongst smokers may be decreased by as much as 50 per cent by an increased intake of certain antioxidant flavonoids, according to a new study...

NBJ puts a price on nutrition direct sales channels

Direct sales, and particularly the internet, is a source for growth in the US nutrition industry, according to a new report from the Nutrition Business Journal.

Study links milk farm chemical input to nutrient kick

Lower input non-organic and organically produced milk has been found to contain significantly higher levels of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants compared to higher chemical use sources, a new...

FDA adds isomaltulose to tooth decay benefitting claim

The Food and Drug Administration has added isomaltulose to a list of "non-cariogenic carbohydrate sweeteners" that can claim non-promotion of dental carries.  

Martek and Dow AgroSciences forge alliance for canola DHA

Two major players in the US healthy oils market are joining forces to develop a DHA oil from canola, which could lead to the launch of a new, cost effective...

Organic chocolate fans unlikely to switch to cheaper options

In recent years organic confectionery products have become increasingly popular but are consumers willing to stick by their principals in the face of rising food prices or will they turn...

Rehydrating tomatoes boosts anti-cancer punch: study

The anti-cancer activity of tomatoes, particularly in the prostate, could be boosted by dehydrating and then rehydrating the fruit, suggests a new study with rats.

Boost for corn fibre gum's emulsifying potential

USDA scientists are continuing to expand the potential of a gum produced from corn fibre to replace gum arabic as emulsifiers in beverages, with a new study pinpointing the emulsifying...

Indian backing for Sabinsa resveratrol research

Sabinsa is looking to bringing innovation to its resveratrol manufacturing capabilities after receiving a grant from the Indian government to move ahead with two new pilot trails for both nutrition...

Vitamin D levels should be multiplied by ten for children: study

Raising current vitamin D levels from 200 International Units (IU) to 2,000 IU could boost bone health amongst children and have long-term health benefits, says new research.

Nutra-Fruit takes cranberries into new high-end niches

Quebec-based company Nutra-Fruit is looking to develop a niche area in cranberries by creating high-end functional foods containing the nutritious berry, and sees large potential for expansion overseas.

Apple polyphenols may protect stomachs from aspirin damage

Polyphenol extracts from apples may protect stomachs from ulcers and other complications associated with aspirin, suggests a new animal study from Italy.

News focus: Open innovation

Open innovation requires evolutionary change, says General Mills

Developing an open innovation program that works takes tenacity on the part of a food manufacturer, and serendipity will always have a part to play, says the head of General...

Cocoa flavanols show promise for diabetic cardiovascular health

A new study has indicated that cocoa flavanols could help improve blood vessel health in diabetes patients, potentially offering protection against cardiovascular complications that standard medication does not.

Ingredients sale transforms Atrium into pure nutrition company

Atrium has completed the sale of its active ingredients and specialty chemicals division to AXA Private Equity, heralding the start of a new era in which it will be focused...

Todd Norton: the new bod at Todd

The herbal supplements industry must build the science behind more of its offerings if it is to gain the credibility of some letter vitamins and minerals and nutrients like omega-3...

Weekly comment

The GSK weight loss wake-up call

GlaxoSmithKline's petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban dietary supplements from making weight loss claims, has opened a cupboard and only the deluded would deny the presence...

Chr Hansen homes in on nutrigenomic probiotics

Chr Hansen is stepping up its probiotic research programme in a quest to find new functionalities and competencies for some of the 100s of strains of probiotics it has in...

Seminar to focus on health claims in Asia, Europe

Health claims regulation in major global markets, particularly Europe and Asia, will be the focus of a half-day seminar to be held next month.

Sabinsa launches soluble extract range

Ingredient group Sabinsa has adopted a new technology that allows it to 'solubalize' a range of botanical extracts, thereby making them easy to incorporate into beverage applications, said the firm.

Sea buckthorn could have liver benefits, say scientists

A new study on sea buckthorn has found that the extract may ward off liver disease, leading researchers to conclude that it could be incorporated into a nutraceutical food or...

Process development targets dairy cholesterol cutting

A proprietary processing development for natural dairy-based ingredients can offer a lower cholesterol alternative to regular milk, while maintaining the same taste profile, according to its manufacturer.

Rice bran approved as meat enhancer

NutraCea has received approval from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to supply stabilized rice bran as an enhancer for pulverized meat and poultry products.

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